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    The "It's not Gambling" Paradox

    It is gambling if you can't cycle enough stabilize return at expected value... It isn't gambling if you can cycle enough to stabilize your return at expected value... :P
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    More/New UL weapon offerings

    Also, what happens when the player base numbers go down again?
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    Suggestion: Stop Markt up Manipulation

    If you are going to copy and paste wikipedia you could at least cite your source.
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    Suggestion: Stop Markt up Manipulation

    melee amp price increase probably not because of market manipulation, and actually because people are willing to pay for that price. I'm tired of people calling every increase in price of items "market manipulation." It is so annoying.
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    Buying: weapons

    In this price range I think you are looking at lp40 perfected or lower in terms of loot 2.0 weapons. Alternatively, you can try to find a lower tier imk2.
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    Suggestion: Privatize the Brood Cave Instance - Suggestion With Solutions!

    Not sure how I feel about this...certainly much more convenient for grinders/macro users. However, what'll probably happen if MA does make the instances private, is that MA would probably have to reduce the bone drops for balance because there would be so much more additional cycling going on...
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    Selling: Empty Skill Implant (L) TT = 660.54 Peds. No longer for sale here. Moved to in game auction.

    Note: No longer for sale here, moved to auction...
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    News: Marcimex Unrest

    Anyone see queens or shadowshell yet?
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    News: Marcimex Unrest

    [Calypso, 76804, 72555, 155, Waypoint] Devastator
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    Buying: Imp or Mod Hedoc and HC A204

    bump this up :)
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    Buying: Imp or Mod Hedoc and HC A204

    Hi everyone. Looking for: Either an Imp or a Mod Hedoc (T0-T2) and a Hypercharged A204 Please PM me prices. I have ped ready.
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    Selling: Summer 2018 and Perfected Hedoc Both SOLD

    Summer 2018 still for sale, got some offers.
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    Selling: Summer 2018 and Perfected Hedoc Both SOLD

    Perfected Hedoc sold :cry::cry::cry: Summer 2018 still available, but I suspect that will be gone soon also!