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    Continuing Market Price Drop

    Interesting read.. And the funny thing is now I'm thinking about mining! Hah. =) Another low leverl hunter turned towards mining which will further fuel the price downturn.
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    Hello! I randomly came by a post of yours in the Armax bull cow umm thingy. And I seen you were...

    Hello! I randomly came by a post of yours in the Armax bull cow umm thingy. And I seen you were from CT. So just wanted to say Hi =) Well good luck! Cyas.
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    Armax Bull

    Haha Gwen I killed one the other day.. I thought I was going to die =) But I'm noob so I think it's allowed or something.. heh =)
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    Buying: GeoTrek LP120 Niloticus (L)

    Friendly bump =p
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    Buying: GeoTrek LP120 Niloticus (L)

    Just looking to buy one of these bad boys. And perhaps repeat business as I need others until skill gain. PM with info etc. Thanks!
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    Question: Players created the ath everyday syndrom

    Since I'm pretty new posts like this open my eyes to the way things have gone in a game like this. Personally it's a mixture of all things contained in this post that seem to contribute to the current state of the economic market. Without the people willing to pay so much for an item the markup...
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    Things i need for life ar CND ?

    He must be enjoying it so much he can't post here! =p
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    79 agility, 1 stamina

    Hmm maybes theres some kind of curve cause I'm only like 3 to 4 weeks old character and I already have almost 50 agility.. I can't be 100% since I'm at work but maybe tonight or tomorrow I'll update this post with my stats. I honestly think I have more then 50 agility. Also I have used mostly...
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    The Mob Ladder - A guide to what mob to hunt next

    Thanks for compiling this list. Its extremely helpful for a noob like me! =) And I'm curious do you update the orginal post with the suggestions from these posts? I didn't noticed and I probably should of before I post an idiotic question but I kinda like idiotic questions.. Makes others feel...
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    Hunting - a win win situation

    Interesting discussion. Being new to the game this has explained a few things that I needed to know. And either way was a good read even if it's more of a difference on views between old and new. Either weaponry or skills etc. To a person like me this knowledge in a thread like this helps...
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    Help: HELP!!! I'm Stuck at a Land Area!!!

    Woohoo go Elford.. And umm I guess go Angel for rescuing the rescuer =p hehe.
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    n00b trading

    Very good post and I hope it helps out fellow noobs like myself. I deposited and kinda wasted away tons of peds but it was a learning experience and now I know how stretch things between deposits and how to make my peds work for me. Good luck on your adventures!
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    noob hunting?

    I had this same question and personally decided to go with the CB5.. I just think BLP is cooler.. =) I always felt like some kind of stormtrooper with an opallo. But base the choice on your own personal perference. Theirs no wrong answer when choosing a weapon if you enjoy it.
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    Thanks for posting on my blog! Ciao!

    Thanks for posting on my blog! Ciao!
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    Project 100k sweat - skillgains

    This is pretty interesting. And like someone said before me I can't believe the patience you have! =) I couldn't stand sweating but I'm glad your enjoying it and it has been profittable for you =)