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  • So far this is what I have, I'm guessing the head count will grow to about 20

    Kev (Sarah)


    Atrox Killers

    Escorts back to Safety

    Undecided Role but will be there
    I just realized we joined EF on exactly the same day! (Somehow you have 9 times more posts than me though :D)
    Thanks for stopping by my page :)

    Nice Article MS wrote on you :)

    Ever in Omegaton, look me up :)

    Peace, Dave
    Hey !
    Ok - here it is - short notice and all - just in my style !!
    We're planning a handful of group scenes for the finishing touches of my contest movie.
    It shouldn't take longer than an hour - if we're organized and ontime!
    We're planning the meet up at Billy's TP @ 23:00 MA time ! (Yea .. 20 minutes)
    I would appreciate and love all assistance from everyone here on EF - so I'm pm'ing a handful I saw online !!
    If you wanna help - please come along and bring others with you, if you're so inclined !!
    Thank you HUGE amounts in advance !!
    -Danielle YourMom-
    Hey John, thanks for the EFD's :) Maybe 2009 is the year the auction system gets some nice new features
    Happy Holidays ... and may your virtual flame burn bright in the New Year with many blessings! :hug:

    cheers john! oh, you got an new avatar. the old one was branded into my brain.. just want to say hi after seeing you ingame :)
    Hi JC :)
    Thx for the tip i should read about Jenna.
    Hehe yea he might have realiced that is his future by now when the chock is passed lol
    Thanks JC, yes i wanted to do alot more, but it was getting silly the time it took to manage the thread before i posted - maybe some one will expand on the silly idea - its kinda interesting.. take care talk soon. & thanks for your nice comment. :)
    hey mate you still have the chitten scales shock flesh and iron if so pm me a time to meet
    Meh, not the artistic type mate. Your profile looks great but I'm not convinced enough folks are coming here that I need to start hanging some decor on the walls.

    I'll leave the cool looking stuff to you. I'm just not that good artistically.
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