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    Info: Support case "solved" under a year!

    got the exact copy paste today from a case in April , which i resolved myself :P months ago
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    Project-Entropia - Myth's, Rumor's and Legend's.

    One of the first myth / rumours I heard when I started was when you have perception and intelligence in Same instance of chat it was meant to be ATH 😂😂😂
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    Suggestion: UI Resolution scaling

    Man I would love add-ons like ESO or Wow. To customise how your own UI looks
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    FYI: LAG

    Wondering if due to the pandemic. It has an affect on lag, not just entropia. Buy overall traffic. Many other games not just entropia have been reporting the same. But yes the lag spikes have been since months ago. Rubber banding. Freeze between using an item or switching an item. All the...
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    Live Stream Auction all welcome

    Hope if you have future Live Auctions you can have at different MA times too , i calculate that this one is at 530am my local time , good luck with your first Live Auction , hope all goes well
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    Entropia Merchandise

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    Selling: [Ziplex P160 (L)] Finder

    Finder Sold :)
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    is the mining guild representative broken?

    Go to the NPC at Athena space port. That one doesn't disappear like in twin peaks
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    The Fascinating Web Of Entropia Universe, The World’s Only ‘Cash-Based’ MMO - Kotaku Australia

    This just shows the credibility of that news company. Only a matter of time before Australian branch gets rekt 👍
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    Selling: [Ziplex P160 (L)] Finder

    As per Title , [Ziplex P160 (L)] Tier 165/4000 freshly looted , located in one of my Shopkeepers Genesis Amethera TP [Calypso, 34251, 48217, 111, Waypoint] Building B , Level 3 , Apartment B :) Good luck to purchaser i hope you hit Strong ATH
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    KrupT's Online Shop O' WareZ

    Restocked more high MU Ores :)
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    KrupT's Online Shop O' WareZ

    Additions to Shopkeepers bump
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    Question: 3rd party PED buying

    I'm surprised admin haven't locked this thread and pmed OP regarding possible breach of EULA
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    Hello again from the Community Relations Manager

    I don't even know why they bother even asking if they should do another AMA. For too many years they have half released ideas. Half fixed bugs.half punished exploiters. Community manager. I suggest you do some light reading of forums over the last maybe 8 to 10 years. And you will have your...