Kain Dewey Fall

Is this a real-life biography or a in-game biography?
I discovered Entropia Universe about 5 years within a 3 week time period. I was researching government economies and laws behind creating a real-cash economy because I wanted to create a RCE game and because I noticed a lot of new things that I thought were illegal were suddenly popping up as being the in-thing to do among researches and companies. I did this research for about 5 days straight. then a few days later I started receiving advertisements for this game "PlanetToulan" I thought, well this looks interesting, and saw the advert "the Sci-Fi MMORPG, Multi-World, Real Cash Economy Experience" which made me think that the game played like a real-world experience, i did not think that it was real-cash economy. But then I started reading into it and I though, wow... This has to be a scam. So I closed it and moved on, about a week later I start seeing numerous advertisements for PLanet this, Planet that. And I am like... Wow, these scammers are desperate.
Then Entropia Universe came up. And I was just like... Dang it. And I went and looked at it and saw all these "Planets" were linked through with this Entropia Universe Website, so I though, all right... I am going to do extensive research on this... And thats how I discovered Entropia Universe. No Idea how I never knew it existed for 15 years up to that point... But I am glad to be here now.

I will make it short and sweet.
-In elementary school I took a professional theatrical arts and acting certification course.
-In gradeschool I was elected by the school based of a student analysis to be a part of a Stem k-12 program at the University in 3rd grade. 1 Student from each school in the University district is selected for this program and I was selected to be leader of district.
-I joined the Forensics Club through the Scholastics Book Club and became leader of the group after passing a forensics knowledge test and psychological background evaluation.
-I was selected as leader of safety patrol the first year it became available which gave me leeway throughout the rest of my pre-college education.
-I took 3 professionalism certification courses in gradeschool achieved Eagle Scout 3 times before the age of 18, and took 2 computer fundamentals certification courses outside of gradeschool and about 13 Computer/Programming/WebDesign courses in gradeschool.
-I made the best grades in my Administrative marketing and Business Management class as well as the best grade on the National Certification entrance exam for that year.
- I have worked "in a career" since the age of 11 on and off.
-since the age of 17 I have been working as a Transcriptionist for a Anthropology Research company that does research interviews for government studies in Health, Development, and Education and still work for them today.
-From the ages of 22 to 23 I went to college for Health Science.
-I worked in forestry for about 6 months when I was 23.
-I have won 3 dance "Choreography" competitions in my lifetime, one of which was held by LMFAO... Since graduation HighSchool.

I think that covers everything.

A lot of close to everything
May 14
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