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    Selling: musca sets M & F

    Musca is the settler of Arkadia, so yes...they are the TT armour
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    How many Dutch people in EU?

    nee, die melde vlak daarvoor dat ie uit Delft komt ;)
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    How many Dutch people in EU?

    31 jaar, kom uit Delft op het moment :)
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    Info: UL-SIB items history & info thread 2011

    Riker UL3 - looted from: Estophyl - Planet: Calypso 1.looter ??? - owner:Jennson - price ??? -- 2.Skitzo Skitzo Frenic - owner: ??? - price: ??? 3.looter ??? - owner Earl von Kippler - price ??? -- 4.looter ??? - owner: Salonga salo Calypso - price: ??? 5.looter: Hotei Hotei Luck - owner: ...
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    yeah finaly got my payback

    gratz ronnus, well deserved :D
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    21k with another emine 13 attempts

    uber gratz dabu!
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    ja lekker, met jou dan??

    ja lekker, met jou dan??
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    Uruguay-Netherlands... Gues it!

    omg what a game, a hardbeat of 500+.. but we are through!!! on to the finals..i really hope we have a chance
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    hey, mijn account bestaat nog, maar speel niet meer :)

    hey, mijn account bestaat nog, maar speel niet meer :)
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    WoF 2010: Team BeNeLux

    will not be there as my account except skills is empty donated 1500 EFD for the banner Good luck everyone and make us proud!
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    Modified Fap SGA Edition got your standard fee, you got a 70ped you got your tip, he held his words. of course it would be nice if he had gave you more after he sold the fap, deposited or what ever... but in this case as i see it, you have to put the fault by your friend as he is the one who f***** it...
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    Info: Top 20 ATH for Every Resource! Click to enlarge
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    A Man with a Mission

    nice interview, but still waiting for an interview with the hamster running the servers :D
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    Question: What Level Prosp/Surv did you get your first uber?

    hit mine with an OF 211, was just able to use it after chipping a bunch mining skills out. hit an 18k belkar next to a TP