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  • hey m8 sy about take'n so long to git back 2 u rl is cut'n in 2 my play time :( lol but all's good gl2u take cake and God bless
    Thanks mate and same to you,Hopefully this year is the you hit it big ;)
    Thank you for the extremely kind words! Most appreciated :)
    Looking forward to harrassing you more over next WoF :D
    Always a pleasure :) See you in there.
    Hey there Kane , got a laptop that run EU now so hopfully it work out all ok now . :) cya Take care
    Hey hun nope i wasnt lucky . i was on my BF's PC :( So not much time in game now at all . And he on low seting all but ava its on med. So idk when ill be on now . Good to here from u . take care . cya when i can
    Tx for yr message and great to see you in game as well. Sorry if I seemed a little "blank" at the time but having recently joined a new Soc with many more active players it's difficult processing and recalling names at the moment. But you are firmly placed now and after we take pot shots at each other at Zychion next week we will all bond a little more :laugh: I hope I have my internet connex up again by then as I unexpectedly got accepted for a place with Housing Dept. Right between the lake and the ocean I might add so "I no complain". C ya
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