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    Buying: Buying all sorts of makeup

    haven't found you in game or PM, i have a lot of makeup to sell but I'll be off in a couple days so if you see this please let me know
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    Other games.

    mlb crypto starts on Friday for all you baseball and crypto fans. I had a longer post describing it but i guess if you start a new thread here it gets deleted so I'll add to this one too!. Find me and a bunch of other people on the discord if you want more details or for...
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    Support isn't giving me items I lent to now inactive players

    None of those items are yours.
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    Halloween Mayhem 2018 Results

    Redundancy is extremely desirable in the big scheme.
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    Just wondering if I'm the only one who noticed....

    entropialife is not the official hoflist and not all globals/hofs are recorded there. Most of my globals on planets other than calypso are not recorded, it misses some on calypso, and I've had it miss at least one HoF as well. Some of the towers are years old as well because some players use...
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    Entropia Universe 15.16.0 Release Notes

    Why no thieving bastard skill for looting players?
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    Death From Above: Attackers and Steel Birds Ambush CDF Troop!

    Attackers used to drop oil and I got an emik s30 UL from one once during an event but they seem to be solar powered now. Spider bombers I haven't found anything interesting on.
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    Arkadia Moon Deeds Sale

    Yes, deal breaker indeed.
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    5 years since Droka uber

    5 years since they changed the loot distribution so low level mobs don't give 6k ped loot like they used to (rarely), by player request.
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    Selling: *RARE* Art Collection, Mark Kostabi, Kika Karadi and Ernst Billgren

    How can you not remember this? i thought you were old.
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    Selling: *RARE* Art Collection, Mark Kostabi, Kika Karadi and Ernst Billgren

    Stuff about having a factory of minimum wage or below workers churning out his paintings and selling them for $50,000.
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    FYI: Cerb Hulk Beris - Hunting log

    Show me a professional poker player that has a profit every month and I'll show you a liar.
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    Anyone else out there really love hunting without armor? Why or why not?

    I used to hunt without armor a lot, but with the changes in armor decay it's not efficient unless you can hunt without armor AND without the need to heal.
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    Question: Mindforce amps?

    I hate the fact i had several hundred ped of diluted sweat that I TT'd a month ago.