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    Suggestion: Loot 3.0 ideas

    Ignore this person, he acts like this to everybody.
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    Buying: Thunderbird Armor Set (F) unlimited OR L parts

    I got a full L set and some spares, varying %s. You can probably have it, I never use it. I’ll be back on Caly tomoz if you haven’t found another solution.
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    Buying ammo from TT

    I think a “Universal ammo” should replace the 4 types of ammo in the terminal now, but let’s be clear on the fact that this ammo can not stack with the current universal ammo. One is tradeable, one is not. The reason Mindark oh so generously pay you a 101% conversion rate from shrapnel is...
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    Question: Tier Upgrading skill removal and compensation

    Any monkey with half a brain can interpret that as "When we remove the profession, we will convert your skill into an implant value and pay you 20k%, ALTERNATIVELY you can put this on auction and a rep will buy it at 20k% or under" There is obviously two pathways here, chip it out now, or let us...
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    Price Check Improved FAP

    30k is where they should be I think One did get "sold" for 60k on forum a week or so ago. Was that a real trade? Who knows.
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    Melee Weapon to build Agility and Health

    Start with TT sword, when you can max the falcata buy a couple of those, they don't last long, but they are stupid cheap and a decent UL weapon. Any point you could get a melee trauma 1 (UL), that will fit both. This sort of weapon will fit small daikibas nicely. Once you get to lvl 15 I...
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    The peak of Inflation

    Looking forward to it, maybe I can soon afford some stuff.
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    Info: Iron Challenge Reminder

    I think they mean the entire chain
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    Selling: Shopkeeper Pad

    A lot would consider that an offensive question these days!
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    News: Known Issues Regarding Visa/Mastercard Payments on

    Yeah I think it’s pretty common knowledge. Sorry you got caught out by it though. There is craftable keys in game but I think the blueprint don’t even exist anymore.
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    Selling: Regular Improved FAP tier 2

    At 60k? Pics or it didn’t happen.
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    Selling: Regular Improved FAP tier 2

    If you got to put this in your ad up front it might say something. But I will be good and shan’t say a thing about it. Good luck...🤣 Bump
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    Ridiculous weapon prices.

    I dunno Jack. These days A million PED just isn’t a lot of money anymore. One hundred billion PED is what you should be asking
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    Question: Benefits and drawbacks of removing the Starting Bid in Auction?

    How to completely ruin the auction system and the very nature of free trade. Step one: