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    Buying: ML-35 Adjusted/ASG-2 swine

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    Buying: ML-35 Adjusted/ASG-2 swine

    Looking for these weapons, prefer lower tiers but you can contact me for higher tier and we'll see what happens :)
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    Sand King ATH

    Yeah amazing that no one posted about it :/
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    Info: Support case "solved" under a year!

    Yeah I got the same reply on some support cases yesterday... Perhaps this is MA wanting a "fresh start" with better communication? Edit: Oh.... I have a support case dating back to 2005 that's still open hahaha
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    News: Special Edition AMA now under way

    Start by answering unanswered questions from the previous one.
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    Release is Taking Longer than Expected [Updated]

    New upgradable items? Been a long time since we had the tp chip adj, at least I think that + some others was the last time we received them.
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    Release is Taking Longer than Expected [Updated]

    No it's not, it's taking exactly as long as we expected (longer than 2 hours). Thanks for the update I guess
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    Server Downtime for Release

    I wonder what what we get this time, the thing nobody ever asked for. Let's see!
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    Question: Whatever happened to Beacon Missions?

    Return on beacons suck but they are fun!
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    Pictures please... MindArk posts also works like shit now.
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    Price Check Vivo T20 Adapted : It has Stats between EMT 2350-Adj and Emt 2600-Adj , so What is its TRUE value (??)

    I would say tt+100-150 for that tt. Tt +400-500 for minimum tt
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    When can we get rid of this galery and just paste pictures like most other forums. I really hoped we would FINALY have this function with the new forum.
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    Selling: Closed

    Why not add a price for everyone to see? :)