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    Mining pattern time cycle

    Actually, if it was entirely random, it would be easier to map. Every indication though is that the different loot tables (or sub tables) may be randomly selected over time. The more important question is how much do I need to sample to capture all the variation is an area to get an idea what...
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    Indoor vs Outdoor mining mechanics

    Someday I want to do testing on finder radius. It’s possible that the reduction of finder radius indoors is what entirely accounts for the increased claim size. That would mean increasing radius would decrease claim size. I somewhat doubt that’s the case, but that’s what would need to be tested...
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    How is it consistently ~95%TT returns over large data sets?

    You actually just asked about it earlier with respect to large sample size or “law of large numbers“ again. You aren’t realistically going to get that many big payouts, and everything will average out to whatever MA had it set at with some predictable variation around it.
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    When using amps is the Decay Cost 1:1 with the loot increase?

    Remember that unlike hunting (nowadays anyways) your hit rate is not 100% when it comes to mining. Instead, average hit rates are around 28-32%. If you just ballpark that as 33%, that means when ore mining unamped, you are putting in ~3 ped to get a single claim, and that's where claim size...
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    How is it consistently ~95%TT returns over large data sets?

    Sampling statistics is the term you want to look up as well as the "law of large numbers". Every population has a true average for various traits like height, etc. There's also normal variation around that average (i.e., standard deviation). If you survey a few people what their height is, the...
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    Loot Wave Theory?

    About 5% hit rate at the last round of testing. This is why I almost never mine Ashi anymore.
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    Another question...

    I guess it hasn't been any different traveling around Amethera in all the years I've been playing compared to Eudoria. In the extremely rare chance you get shot in an LA, etc., and you're wearing armor, it's only going to be a few PEC if that. There's nothing to really worry about in the first...
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    Another question...

    Much of Amethera has had PVP open for years, but it’s rare for anyone to get killed outside of formal zones. If you do, it’s no real loss anyways. There’s only one lootable zone, and you’re not going to accidentally stumble into it.
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    Loot Wave Theory?

    That’s where your own testing comes into play, but some servers (like Emerald Lakes) are fairly unique in how resource composition varies over time. This is a topic where “dependable” doesn’t really fit well unless you have some really good testing, and that’s not data people are likely to...
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    Are Bp drops more common on max quantity or max condition?

    I asked about this a few months ago. Generally it’s better to do quantity to get more successes. Outside of some very narrow uses, condition is never worth it unless you’re purely gambling.
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    when yor girlfriend says u have the biggest dong of all your friends(10 peds short)

    Should have been some good tiering on that.
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    Do mining amps act as Loot 'Multipliers'

    In short, yes on all fronts. If you want to look up decay (like you would have to for weapons), check the wiki. Also, a level 1 decays .25 ped per use. There is a relative relation to decay and efficiency though. A level 8 has double the efficiency of a level 5, or 4 ped vs. 2 ped. It’s really...
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    Do mining amps act as Loot 'Multipliers'

    FYI “efficiency” means almost nothing on mining amps. It gives you a rough idea of a proportional increase in mined resources, but says nothing directly intuitive about TT, etc. just stick to drop cost for any comparisons. Something with the same drop cost like level 8 and D-class will have the...
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    Looking for Melee weapons shops

    If you’re mostly looking for Armatrix series, Don Loki Lokus on 2nd floor Emerald Lakes has a good range stocked usually.
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    How reliable are mining locations?

    Certain areas within most servers tend to have different resource compositions. Other servers are fairly uniform server-wide, but can vary over time as to what resource mix is available. So to answer your question, they are reliable in the long-term, but you don’t know what you’re going to get...