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    News: Server Downtime for Release

    My did make it pretty clear after the UE5 announcement that the UI update would still be proceeding independently.
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    Suggestion: \stuck

    There's been talk that the UE5 update makes it much harder to make landscaping "mistakes" that cause this types of collisions. Not sure how it will pan out, but it would be nice if the migration accidentally fixes this. I have a few areas that have so many hidden collisions or no mining allowed...
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    Mining excavator enhancers currently bugged

    It's easy to review in chat now, amount pulled varies roughly by TT value of the individual resources themselves too. It'll be most detectable on a 0.01TT item like Crude Oil. You need to work with averages though rather than just min/max of a few pulls. Even just two enhancers on mine and the a...
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    Mining excavator enhancers currently bugged

    Awareness bump. Maybe time to test it out again to see if they snuck a fix in, but I'll be honest I'm not too optimistic right now.
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    Logging mining returns since October 2019

    I craft mine, though keep in mind that MU is from selling a bunch of them to push my MU costs down. It takes a bit of work to craft them even around auction prices. I sell most of mine out of my shop (need to restock them soon) or sell some on auction. It’s a trickier one to make pencil out, so...
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    Logging mining returns since October 2019

    So I finally hit my first tower, so I figured it was a good time to gather up the stats and start a new log. Just before the tower, I was actually right at 100% TT, so I was already pretty happy before I hit that. I've just accepted I don't have as much time to play as I used to with the new...
  7. May-Nov 2021 returns.jpg

    May-Nov 2021 returns.jpg

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    King's Quarry - Discount Ore & Enmatter

    Shop is filled up again, and I'm off to go mine some of the things that have been a little sparse in the shop lately like Putty. I also restocked the Toulan table for some interesting stuff. If anyone is looking for Terra 6 amps, I'll be crafting more of those when residue prices settle a little.
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    Uber: 5604 Lyst Tower

    For those wondering what a tower of lyst looks like in a shop.
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    King's Quarry - Discount Ore & Enmatter

    Just an update of the OP item list for tonight (busy week, more stock coming in within a day or two), except for that 5,604 ped lyst tower I hit on Sunday!
  11. lysttowershop.jpg


    Lines of Lyst for sale after a tower.
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    Meanwhile near Fort Troy

    Kind of reminds me of that massive unreleased mob that was too big for the landscape. A MA official posted about it the forum awhile back too, but I can’t find the picture anymore. I think it was on an old poster too.
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    Buying: Refiner: Chikara Refiner, Modified

    FYI, only one know modified exists in game. Not sure who owns it now, but was pretty cost prohibitive the last time I saw a price.
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    BOOSTER Texture Blueprints?

    I have most the L ones, but none have shown up as yellow highlighted text at least.
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    Uber: 5604 Lyst Tower

    First ever tower! My next closest was 2.2k Energized way back in 2014. On a DSEC Seeker L30 with a D-Class amp. Never expected a tower by Icarus of all places. Would have been fun to see the reactions if it was in the middle of the puny area.