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  • Hey now, If life gets ya down remember some people DO appreciate good talent and pain can be an amazing thing when expressed through art.
    well I send u this - rep: ah man seems you dont understand at all its bugged now, more than expected by some, thats why they write bout it, dont add salt in their wounds pls

    you gave me this - rep on my wall: thanks for the neg rep?!
    I think you dont understand at all, no reason to neg rep me.
    Whiners are the ones who deserves neg reps, they make the world darker for everyone.

    Sorry seems you had bad day, cuz u totaly missed it.

    Best regartd
    Hehe, Nice! Als het moet neem ik die wel van je over, ik heb wel een nieuwe laptop wordt alleen gek van dat vista.

    Hoop ook maar dat ik ce2 wel kan runnen als het alleen in optimal kan vanaf maandag..

    Slechts een toshiba satellite met een
    Intel duo p8600
    Ati rad 3650
    weet niet wat 512 vram is nmaar ik neem aan mijn video kaart?!

    Nu moet ik de DL nog even fixed, klote gigaset router hier laat mijn geen ports forwarden en siemens weigert mijn support te geven aangezien dat zogenaamd niet ondersteund wordt..

    Ah well, Komt allemaal we goed hoop ik :D
    Thanks for the rep....and great posts....

    When I was little my grandfather once sat me on his knee after I told him about my frustrations in trying the get a group a kids to stop bullying me... because I was the smartest one in class...He told me "Kimberly! there is no cure for terminal stupidy..." I had absolutely no idea what he talking about but I'd love to be able to show him this forum...:)
    Sent you a PM ;)

    I give rep How I feel it right, afterall its like a way to say I agree or i disagree but read the pm, was to long to post here
    I know you are only 15, but when you talk about some stuff that happened years ago you sound like a granny talking of his youth ;)
    nice work :D i been digging in this story 2 his latest avatar before this was eon weedwhacker somthing but that avi left once we conected him i think also i have screenies of gordito saying they are irl friends he was leader of the soc "lost in entropia" he also had an avatar named deamon sWan alucard or somthing that somehow got all of paige panchack resellers looted cloths i think he scammed them 2 after that paige left game :D
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