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    Entropiafund Events: Jackpot, Amazing items in Prizes (Join Here)

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    Suggestion: Reduce TT Value Of High TT Clothes

    TT has a function With allot of TT stuck ingame, it means real cash is on the entropia bankaccount With TT it means you have to depo more with less of a feeling you lost, more like investing Also rarity and high vallue items grants a possibility to diverentiate from the masses, (why does one...
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    Planet Toulan Is The Newest Planet In Entropia Universe

    Im sure they will do at least some parts right. The thing that catches my eyes (from youtube) is that I did expect a true different planet, but infact it is still entropia. Each planet seems to be the same. Ground-nature-sky mobs moving. You could easely put it together and it flows seemlessly...
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    Social Psychology in Game, A disturbing observation.

    Is it a trend to make a massive long post? The stuff that really needs to be sorted is all text containing: "This game is.. " "We are.. " The motivation to play is for everyone different, this game is about something different for each one Anti social behaviour, thats a first? Fine...
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    Elle's Mod Fap Service.

    I think life is out of your league:wise: Why the hate? Take a vacation More exposure for the noob, he could use that for becoming smart like u
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    Magic the gathering

    Bounce For those who are interested reply. The list is not ready yet, will sent when ready!
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    SSHHH - this game is a secret!

    First contact is very important, i am metely visiualizing if I were in their spot. And I would not let potential players get a negative feeling due to some basic stuff that has to be sorted and fixed. But history tells that MA is not taking to much priority in that part of the game, its like...
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    Question of the week (maybe there will be many)

    Its a represantation of life, we live in a bubble. It has a secret message which subconsiously endorse you to make certain descisions, its a mind hack Instead of the add brush button, mistakenly they hit the add bubbles button and now its a feature The aim is to target a broad diverse...
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    could you please give my weapon back

    Someone gets excited by finding a weapon at sweatcamp! Dont spoil their fun:laugh: Hope it wasnt a rare item:X
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    Massive Dynamics and Boston Dynamics present Atlas

    Awesome, new stuff from boston, havent checked them in a while:D Have you also seen the laser sniper for mosquito's? Its a must have essential staple for eveyone! Laser+mosquito
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    SSHHH - this game is a secret!

    Still aiming at the trophy for the mmo'ish platform with the least promotion budget ever! You are so going to win it:yay: Jennifer is right though, it seems to be sustainable as it is right now, and it is not polished, seen as a casino and allot of neg rep from the community due to the massive...
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    Newly Discovered Moon to be Auctioned

    I did not know that and will certainly check some, I like audio books. Btw did you know ?monria + podcast = 0 results ?monria + audiobook = 0 results So I'll take the freedom of rewriting your reply: After seeing the comments about the uploaded video's I would like to add that youtube is also...
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    Magic the gathering

    Anyone interested in high end pimp and staples? Talking about a collection witch loads of duals, nearly all other cards are foiled, rareties etc A glimpse: 4x brainstorm foil 4x daze foil 3x jace 2.0 foil 4x wasteland foil 4x riahadan port foil 4x liliana foil 4x Metalworkers, welder, fetch...
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    Norwegian baby stuff

    Thanks Kimmi, i am aware that infact going to a country and taking classes is by far the mist efficient way to learn a language. I however am bound to learn it the hard way due to my financial situation. It would be great to have rosetta stone, real life classes and a 6 month work/vacation:D I...
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    Norwegian baby stuff

    Hey, I would like to learn Norwegian and so I started listening to Norwegian radio for vocal sounds. Yesterday I have watched Sesam Stasjon (1991) old school! But that seems to be pretty hard to follow,I did managed to learn brandman, politi soldat uniform. So next step is diwngrading, I am...