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    Uber: 37k noob hof

    Coming out of hiding to give you a big congrats!
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    Developer Notes #11 - Loot 2.0

    Sounds like it may be worth playing again
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    EU it's Down ?

    Thanks for making us share in your curse! Now I can't lose money before I go work for the day! :smash:
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    How come Entropia is not more popular?

    This isn't a typical MMO. Most of the cookie cutter MMOs now have the same formula. Free to play > Cash shop for nifty looking items and clothing that sometimes give you an edge over the competition but not really anymore > a story with missions that fit in the story line > an end game > level...
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    EU it's Down ?

    Seems like it's a social experiment and we're the rats in the cage following the changing lights.
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    Count to 600 before a mod/admin posts!

    Five :beerchug::beerchug:
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    EU it's Down ?

    It shows green when clicking on the support news tab.
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    What would I have looted from this if I had ammo?

    I'd have shot it
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    The Core - Robot Mayhem #1

    Another mayhem...:confused: Kind of losing their appeal.
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    Info: Highest Known Psyche in Entropia (New List)

    Not much improvement. I haven't played much the past year up until about 2 months ago. Haven't been doing much MF since then either :dunce:
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    Rare Item: Hair Stylist Chair

    Haven't really had anything worth posting in a while as far as loots go but I thought this was kind of neat on my hunt this evening :beerchug:
  13. Hair Stylist Chair

    Hair Stylist Chair

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    team target should last only 15 to 20 seconds

    I don't see an issue with setting team targets but the target should be cleared upon the death of an avatar.
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    Pirates Vs. Entropians?

    Wish I knew this was happening and that I wasn't at work when it happened. Oh well, maybe some other time.