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  • Yes, Mr. Kitty and my Hunny both made it in just fine... We are back to bieng a little, psychotic family once again....
    just thought i ought to say.....change ur soc details!!!!!

    i think its safe to say, that in TDO, u have a new home :hug:

    lily :grouphug:
    I just reheated the leftover chinese for Whiffy's breakfast.... whole house smells lovely again:D

    its 20.00 MA time...which atm, is also english time :yay:

    as im writing this post..its 16.27 english about to go to work :duh:

    not sure wot time it is with u right far behind are u?

    lily :grouphug:
    lol..driving hubby's crazy is my speciality...just ask Stinky :D

    wot fun we shall have :wtg:

    cya in u around for the soc hunt sat nite?

    lily :grouphug: ur nosey too???? :D

    hhmmm between the two of us, we'll ferret out all the secrets of the soc :laugh:

    lily :grouphug:
    You're the smart one :D Heh!

    Dropped to drop a hi. Dropping.

    Oh yes. And apparently you are unugly. Congrats! Eu doesnt condone nudity sadly. :p
    Thats Sweetie, he and my wife are on thier way back to Korea and should arrive Wed night. Im realy looking forward to it. I miss her too... :D
    Blackjack :cowboy:
    omg...NS has found u.....congratulations...u have acquired the skill of being 'stalked' :vampire:

    lol....dont worry he's relatively harmless...he and Stinky have the same 'therapist' :naughty:

    cya in game :yay:

    lily :grouphug:
    Ahh the times we had at CES......dont mind the rest of the looney tunes at TDO...Im the true leader...says so right here on this wrist band they gave me at the clinic...err...clubhouse....
    Good morning honeypot, you stay snuggled up there in bed and let me go down and put the coffee on...... would you like marmalade with your toast? shall i go squeeze some fresh oranges?

    No, don't get up yet, i'll worry about doing the ironing, i have already cleaned up after the dog and put the cat out.

    Your mother phoned to say she can't make it for lunch, so you can stay tucked up in bed all day:)

    Later, we can go to a little bistro i know, then maybe go watch a movie then walk hand in hand through the park.



    lol....stinky cute????.....he'll laff when i tell him that! :yay:

    i'll get him to leave u some 'cutesy' messages on ur profile page....and dont be fooled by his yellow/orange page...his favourite colour is pink really :laugh:

    lily :grouphug:
    Ok :) Cant invite you, you have to do it on your own ;)

    Go to user CP, then find group memberships.... Look for The Disturbed ones and join group :D

    Good luck :yay:
    mh i thought that album is public :scratch: , u sure it wont work? Thats strange :(
    Hey there Hon ... I am SO behind with my videos, but I'm hoping to get a couple of them done on Wednesday and Friday, so stay tuned. Check the "MSR CE2 Video Library" in the MSR sub-forum periodically ... that's where I'm posting them, in addition to their respective threads. Hugs! :)
    Eeep! Sounds like a real problem. Hope you can make it back in!

    All fingers crossed :)
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