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  • Hi:wave:

    Nothing wrong with the soc, we are just winding the hounds up a little :) They bite so easily too :D

    Oh, happy birthday, sorry i missed it:ahh:

    Hope all is well, haven't seen you on much of late..... probably because i am getting old and go to sleep earlier now ;)

    I am now thanks, Hope you had a great time at CES and sorry I missed you online...
    I was just wondering why Javelin wasn't on your friends list....Just wondering....Hope to see me there soon
    Happy Holidays ... and may your virtual flame burn bright in the New Year with many blessings! :hug:

    Have no fear, I've been skilling like a squirrel on speed in your absence :)

    Hope you get everything sorted out! :cdevil:
    Sweet, you married a real kewl stud!!!! :)

    Best wishes for an awesome future!!!! :)
    Not sure of the time lag, its night here now,

    :throws confetti emote:

    well chuffed for the pair of ya ;)

    Stinky :yay:
    Mojama was the soc that took me in back when i was a freshly hatched ava... we where so totally uber :p
    Hmmm not sure about you stalking Kahr... thats my job with you ;)

    great to see you around now and again, take care hun

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