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    Entropia Merchandise

    This. I would totally buy a couple to wear at work.
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    Selling: Armor Plates MK. 3B

    Bump it up!
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    Selling: Armor Plates MK. 3B

    6 plates, tt value of each is 12.90. Looking to sell all for 93ped total.
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    Selling: Eon Armor

    Just looted some Eon armor and would like to sell it. Eon Harness F, L 300 tt SOLD Eon Thigh Guards F, L 220 tt SOLD Eon Gloves M, L 120.78 tt for 105% Thanks for looking!
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    Summer Mayhem Update

    Something I actually agree with.
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    I see all the old white men have spoken. Geez, I feel 'woke AF' (sarcasm)
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    Selling: Chelydra Thighs (F)

    Item sold, please close thread!
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    Selling: Sigyn Thighs (F)

    Please close, item sold
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    Doubling Prizes, Are You Brave Enough?

    Kitty Kitty Fire - Condition
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    Selling: Sigyn Thighs (F)

    Look at me, look at me!!
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    Selling: Chelydra Thighs (F)

    Monday morning sucks bumperz
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    MasterCard deposit Stopped.

    A couple soc mates can't use the webshop either with credit cards, both MC and Visa.
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    Selling: Chelydra Thighs (F)

    Hello! Thank you for your feedback! It is not a PC thread as in my OP I said I am taking offers. Also, not an auction. I realize this is specialized armor and not for everyone. When ever someone offers what the market allows, I will sell it. I am sorry but atm I have an offer a bit higher than...
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    Interplanetary Boss waves round 3!

    There will probably be about 7~9 Stockholm Syndrome peeps :)