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    Buying: Community Recognition Award Armour (M)

    I have one, haven't thought about selling it since I love it but given the fact I haven't played since like 2012 I guess I would be up for selling. Send me a pm.
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    Achievement: 11 Years in Project Entropia

    It was my pleasure to invite you in game, you've definitively surpassed me by a whole lot! I can vouch for what a great guy athal is irl and in game. We've had lots of fun times and seen a lot of stuff gratz on your 11 years!
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    Sorry... Long Read :(

    It was way worse when we had to stop using Opalo A105 :(
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    Entropia Universe Android App Released

    It's awesome! The only 2 things I would add is soc chat, pm chat via FL and browsing capabilities on the auction.
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    Thule from the outside

    I was just kidding that's why I said it made no sense. :)
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    Thule from the outside

    Hahaha looks like now we have a good idea where the gateway should be located and it doesn't make much sense. :dunce:
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    MA finally started advertising! Found an add in .....

    I always get Arkadia stuff never Calypso :(
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    When will Calypso be advertised?

    Nope! And I did search. Thanks!
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    When will Calypso be advertised?

    That's what encouraged me to revive this thread!
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    When will Calypso be advertised?

    Ok starting area is up. No what? Ads ads ads! There was a huge money injection with the CLD sales let's see some action!
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    Thule from the outside

    That explains it, thanks.
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    Lighting Changes

    I agree it looks very cartoonish now it used to have the best graphics along with next island. I have always found Arkadia to be a little bit cartoonish too. Color are way too intense and bright, would love to get the old shader back. The night looks good.
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    Thule from the outside

    I wondered the same myself looks like the game identifies you already have a gun so they don't give you anything. They did give me some ammo though.
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    Thule from the outside

    Oh ok thanks, won't know since all my disciples have dropped when they were like 65% into graduation :/. Then I just stopped trying :laugh:
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    Thule from the outside

    Now im intrigued by the other place which cryopods and which door? :scratch2: