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    1st Uber

    Heck of a first one, mate!! Uber GZ! darri
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    Intercepted robot communication

    ....good question. Somebody should have seen them by now. what's up, y'all?? :confused: darri
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    What happened to the SEE BIG Announcement in April

    Hey there everyone.... :) I am glad that i caught this thread. I only have one tidbit to share... From my last conversation with Martin Biallas, the announcement is currently scheduled for June (2010, i assume) also he and I are working out when would be an appropriate time/date to come...
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    Hi Limnea, U can use my email. Send the details on what you would like to...

    Hi Limnea, U can use my email. Send the details on what you would like to thx, darri
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    --Tax Man Reloaded-- Round 3

    Hey this is a great event to double-up with the Atrox Mission!! Thx Blast!! :yay: darri
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    Sunny hip-hop/dubstep, have it!

    ...always a Jam with Jamhot! ;) :dj: darri
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    HoF: 3 Mining Hofs in 80 bombs with OA-102

    Multi-GZ, mate! :yay: darri
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    First benchmark on Rocktopia VS Calypso

    Great data. keep it coming folks. :) darri
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    Aurli Assassin & Kreltin Killer Event (Monthly)

    Awesome Event, Buzz! :wtg: I'm in... darri darri ar :cool:
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    ---TAX MAN RELOADED--- Round 2

    Bump for this great event. GL to the contestants! :yay: darri
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    FYI: This Terrain is HOT!

    Very Cool, mate! thx Zap. :) darri
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    Entropian Events Expands: Welcome Blastoise and Rag!

    GZ to you both. Awesome News!! :wtg: darri
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    1.3k Snarg Dominant

    Uber GZ, mate! :yay: darri
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    Uber: 1.4k Boorum

    Uber GZ my friend! :woot: darri
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    Darri's Entropia Ep 6: Ed Robles Digital Scryers

    ...whole interview uploaded to Entropia Radio now. :D Have fun. Can't wait for Ed's next interview. darri