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  • how the hell do high prices "disrupt the fun". That really is a pointless neg rep and it's your opinion not a fact.
    ahh, its called Space station silicon valley, made by rockstar back in the day when they were under another name. Its a cool puzzle game where you need to save sheeps :D
    Your EF avatar picture just got me very curious so I have to ask: what N64 game is that a boxshot from? :scratch:
    thx and cant wait to be back.. had to work hard and do some sacrifices.. but it all payed off and can kick back and relax.

    ill put blueberries ;)
    Hi Kris - it's me .. Nun :D

    Good to see you back soon :) And Lootius bless you too :yay:

    wtf? no berries here? :scratch:
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