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    Famous Entropians Part II

    Ahhh I know wich one you are thinking of. It's Jambayze you mean?
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    Famous Entropians Part II

    Would that be Suggababe you are thinking of :) And as far as I recall he not only was gifted that hat by Connor before they where added to PE, he was also one of the scammers that was responsible for the lockdown on all Romanian players for a period. Yet another little MA mishap :)
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    Question: How many Powerful Wormhole Chips?

    As far as i remember Noggin only got a temp ban, but I could remember wrong. But it sure was great fun to just tp up to CND (FOMA). I hardly think think MA will ever allow interplanetary wormholes, not without some kind of huge nerf :laugh: And for the record I own two chips, with a sale in...
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    Connection lost x10

    I lost connection too, and are now unable to reconnect...... The poor little server hamster must have had a rough weekend. Havent we all had Mondays like that :)
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    7,4k drone

    Gz . But come on.... A gen 1 drone, of all things. Go do segs again, maybe there are a fat minerbot out there :P
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    what time is mindark time? can't find it anywhere sorry, plz help

    The clock ingame runs at gmt +0.00, and if ever in doubt then as Johned wrote, you can find it here on the forum page:wise:
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    Castorian Survival EnBlade-3 Mentor Edition

    Gz But I cant see the pic. Im just messing with you:silly2:
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    It was acceptable in the 80's!

    Did i hear something about a party. :yay:
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    Entropia Universe 11.10.5 Release Notes

    My guess is that it will get a half-assed fix within a year... maybe. Considering how long it toke them to reinstate MF. :) Come on MA, i miss opening wormhole for newcomers.
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    PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: Farewell Hawkwing and Vantastic from SFE

    Ohhh poo! You guys have come a long way since the glorious Oximorons days :) It is never good to hear old soc buddies leaving, but when rl calls, its best to ansaw :)
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    Russian Helicopter ingame YAY !

    Moon Base Alpha:yay:
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    Info: Overweight Problems! With Solutions!

    Yes plz. It would be good with a logic solution to use strength. But MA and logic is kinda mehhh. lol Well if they had to go get their own food, most of them wouldnt have a problem, and drive-in dont count. :)
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    My Ava is best known for ?

    I have no clue :) I used to heal and drop freebies at Phoenix, back when that was one of the places to sweat. And keept roaming the nooblig areas for years.
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    WoF 2011: team Denmark

    I can help with healing and provide wormholes. I dont have any hunting skills anymore so i can only offer support
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    Eu is nice and shiny. But is has lost its soul and its community spirit. Ppl now mostly care about them selfs and fight over the smallest things. I do miss the old naive and care free days:cry: