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    Famous Entropians

    Hello Daisy, hello arrogance :) Go back to space pls - nothing to see here for commentators in love wit themselves. While your ego makes you too blind to even be able point out other's efforts but your owns, some 'celleb' watchers (too much to drink over Xmas, ey?) see more than their own boring...
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    Famous Entropians

    :laugh: Guilty here as well, in accusation's sense :laugh: Sry ... On topic: Lady Trisha!
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    The Thing: The Arctic Area - A Job well done By ND/ the the reasons why I"M still here in EU

    True, even a cheap BAMF zk1 did it for me while I just ran like mad past all the drooling THINGs :D. Must applaude as well ... great job ND!
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    Varyag Event : PIRATES BE WARNED!!!

    Great Defender reporting for duty. (And if it's just to see Rockstars die instead of making music :tongue2:)
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    Help: Gear needed to be a half decent Pvper ?

    :popcorn: Terribly sorry, couldn't resist ...
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    "The Thing" Destination on ROCKTropia

    Don't forget to include ~ SPOILER WARNING ~ for the brave who want to figure it out on their own ;)
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    EBN: Robot signals intercepted!

    Does that mean Warrior Empresses? :D
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    "The Thing" Destination on ROCKTropia

    Rofl, come oooon, You're the Nun and we all know sobriety is your first unlock :D Anyway, I keep betting we won't hear from you in the next hours, the Thing storyline is rather addictive. I spent 4 hrs straight online ...
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    "The Thing" Destination on ROCKTropia

    Have fun, girl - bet you'll be pleasantly surprised :).
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    Any pictures or info on The Thing? Was very sceptical, but now I must admit: It's pretty awesome! :yay: Get in your freebie 4x4 truck and see for yourself ... :)
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    I am impressed!

    Hehe, no worries, I felt similar when searching that stupid entrance on the space station ;). Good luck on the ice!
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    "The Thing" Destination on ROCKTropia

    A prequel ... :scratch2: NOW you got me curious ... although I agree with you on the t-shirt :) Let's give The Thing its fair chance given all the positive feedback so far.
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    I am impressed!

    Fly to Rocktropia, enter any TP and select 'Arctic' -> off you go :). Make sure you have the planets downloaded before taking off.
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    "The Thing" Destination on ROCKTropia

    Not too curious tbh ... The film is a copy of John Carpenter's The Thing (they didn't even bother to invent a new name), so my shy guess is the game will just be another copy of something we've already seen (in 1982, lol - now go figure).
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    Let's connect ...

    Can't find you on G+, dear, do you need an invite? @ Cail ... as I said 'usually' - so please feel special ;)