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    FYI: Soc Owned land info

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    Yog Pet Buff Issue

    The yog pet stacked with max reload, so 30%+25%=55% reload buff
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    22 DAY CHALLENGE! 10,000 PED for 500 Total Global Value

    Register Lars Lars Fjelltun
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    Introducing Skrill

    That’s insane :eyecrazy:
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    Is Mayhem Pay-to-Win or Luck?

    It's mostly about equipment until you have close to max DPS for your category. If we presume you have close to max DPS for your category, it's all about luck. CAT10 is a different ballpark since DPS is uncapped, so it's more dependent on gear.
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    Suggestion: Suggestions by Stelios..

    Good list Stelios! :D
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    Selling: Unique Legend War Axe

    Gotta bump it up!
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    Suggestion: Option for Removal of Medi-Stims at Land Grab

    Hey DC, we dont cycle at LG, we spend. So cycle 325k ped a year in ammo with 90% return is 32.5k spent. The last takuta battle lasted 3h and ppl spent 1k-1.5k ammo + enhancers + pills and high MU guns and armors. About 60ppl there, so i think Im safe to say we spent 75k+ during this LG. As for...
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    Restoration chip 9

    We'll lower the maturity on cersumons at Red Sands Forest (S of Rei's defence) in case someone wants to try loot one.
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    Selling: 340k skills for sale(mostly hunting)

    Take a 5 year break and come back like the rest of us do, if you come back, you’ll regret selling your skills for pennys.
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    Selling: 340k skills for sale(mostly hunting)

    I'm sure you can move to Elainas basement and play from there! :yay:
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    Win Amethera Outback Land #21 Event

    2500 total globals in this competition, so 25 tickets worth in globals. The most fair solution would be to pay out 25% of the sale to the participants.
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    Selling: Unique Legend War Axe

    up up up!!!
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    Selling: Sacred Kong lv.21