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  • LeeLoo I need you! :)

    special coloring job on a coat... havent seen you in game when I log...
    I think I understand what u mean..... worded a bit funny ... but YA! what u said .... lol
    Hiya Doll! Are you coming to the Worcester Meet in July! I hope so! thanks for the +Rep!!!!
    Forgot to wish you happy birthday here :eek: but here's a big GZ for your new job and apartment! :yay:
    <3 Just have to work it out.... not going to be for a bit though, I'm afraid... Or maybe I'll surprise myself and go sooner than I thought! ;)
    indeed the red is very hard to read...
    took away background image on text area, was only thing that worked..
    Thanks for the +rep, it gave me my first GOld Bar!! :)

    LOL can you even read this? The red hurts my eyes
    To all those that may see this message, greetings.

    Know ye that on the 7th of February kl. 20 ma time, I will be unlocking the doors to the Temporal Destinies Society Lounge. After practically endless work (at least it feels that way) we feel that showing it to the public can benefit and help others to create a non storage like enviroment that you can relax in. Kick your feet up if we could actually do that :)

    Everyone and their brother are welcome to come, the more the merrier.. we wish we could serve drinks but the bartenders around still say that their shipment will arrive soon even after 7 years of waiting.. so conversation will have to do :laugh:

    Our home tp is Omegaton, go ne up the ramp through alpha to beta on the far side lvl 8.. repeat.. Omegaton Beta 8g.

    Come one come all.. see you there :tp:

    Hi Ive been looking for you but havnt seen you ingame and I must run in differnt circles than the SR... ill be checking EF all day to seee if you respond than maybe we can meet.
    And a very happy 2009 to you, my dear >:). Cu fo sho in February - I-m still on snow-escapism :p.
    I will have a "colorful" New Year... as long as you around LeeLoo ^__^
    Happy New Year to you too!
    Hiya Leeloo! I was just thinkin about you!!! And Happy New Year to you too hun! I've got a whole bunch of paint I just posted for sale here on EF and i wanted to let you know that if you want it, you get special BO price for the lot (cos your my fav colorer!) Good luck in 2009! Hope to see lots of CoLoRfUl HOFS coming from you!!!

    Blackjack :cowboy:
    Happy Holidays ... and may your virtual flame burn bright in the New Year with many blessings! :hug:

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