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    Question: Webshop down?

    I couldn't get my items list online and made a 2nd support case cause they closed my first case without fixing. Just checked and its working again now Thank you :)
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    @ DEVS - Please fix the memory leak!

    After a mining run, I usually look up the nearest auction to sell resources. Now I noticed that I also have crashes but only on certain servers or outposts. For me it doesn't matter what resolution I play in, but apparently I have the crashes in either one. I now keep going to a server where I...
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    Help: Not able to Login on Entropia Website

    Same here for 1 week now :(
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    Help: Not able to Login on Entropia Website

    I'm still getting the "bad code" also and cannot check my online item list neither :( It's like that for 1 week now for me.
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    Entropia Universe 17.2 Release Notes

    No fixes in PVP, space or area's where trees draw you in while mining ... :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
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    Release is Taking Longer than Expected

    OMG how much longer ...
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    Question: Webshop down?

    Still not fixed to check your item list ... after 1 1/2 days now !!!
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    Dropping at shorter intervals

    On Ark also yes.
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    Space ... the final bugs...

    And it happend again, even a lot worse. 2 day's ago I came back again from a Ark mining trip to Caly. At Gordon's belt the freezes started again. While I tried to avoid those spots I finally ended up in Cyrene SS. From there I tought to reach Caly fast but ... Here again, freezes freezes...
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    How long before auto log out?

    A vehicle RK-5 + using auto use tool and you will stay online for ever
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    getting stuck on trees

    Try mining at Sakura and get stuck everywhere on the trees as well.
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    Space ... the final bugs...

    Since for some reason my first post is in the bug reports but nobody can read it (not even myself), contacted 3 mods, so far no reply, I'll write it again. So I decided to go to Ark for some mining. I knew I might crash or get screen freezes on the way since it happens all the time. Was close...
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    Space ... the final bugs?

    So yesterday I did another trip from Caly to Ark for some mining, even knowing I would get screen freezes, crashes on the way ... From Caly to Ark it wasn't to bad, only had 1 screen freeze, so needed to exit and relog ... @ Gordon's belt [Space, 67517, 63623, 109, Death location] Flying...
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    Server Downtime for Maintenance

    Is it tuesday again? I disconnected and cant launch again ... In red on my screen : you do not hold the claim deed hundreds of times / day so why T.. F... not maintenance in ... min ...
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    Quad disappears in space

    You are my life safer :ahh: After the freeze I relogged and the quad was gone, I just relogged again now and its there THANK you very much + rep :)