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  • hiya Leriss,

    are you a RL friend of Meculus? Feel free to apply at OT-I, if you fit to the group and like it, enjoy your stay here!

    Regards Par
    noticed your thread, i've been playing EU for about a month and joined up with OT I about a week in, they are extreemely helpful and active, i myself being only a month into the game have a pretty decent knowledge thanks to them. I would encourage you to check us out, we have a good sized group with noobs to experienced players, and i do quite a bit of trading so i could help you get a little more ped out of your common loots, PM any member of OT I in game or submit an application and you will be approved as soon as i see it, if you find us to your liking then great, if not then no worries. Good luck to you either way

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