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    Is it Land Grab or Lag Grab

    LG is a joke.... lets cause mass lag with shit loads of people and shit loads of vehicles.... Then lets allow those who camp the beacon to just setup a ring of pitbulls and camp.... Soooooo boring..... another event MA setup that started off sounding good and ended like last year.... big...
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    Help: hunting Drones north of Jason centre

    Sounds like a lag spike if you didn't get a No Loot Message or Loot. I frequently grind drones when I do hunt, so I know that generally my worse returns for about 2k ammo (A104 full amp) sit between 60-70%.
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    New TT Junk?

    double post
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    New TT Junk?

    I got it off a drone gen 1-3. And it was kinda annoying.... I know Im noob hunter guess that much was obvious on the thread :D. Just would be sad to global on a mob and you get a full Voice Chat Voucher, over say an item of value.
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    New TT Junk?

    Never got one from drone before :'(, guess they adjusted the loot on drones then, or I just got really "lucky".
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    New TT Junk?

    Ok.... well I decided to do a hunt today, and I looted a voice chat voucher.... FFS really? Like its bad enough 95% of most loot is garbage and TT or next to worth nothing.... do we actually need physical TT food?
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    Summary of Q&A with SEE

    So I just read the 2nd of the Q&A... and it appears I can summarize it quick nicely. Q: What do you plan to do? A: We plan to do something. Q: When will this happen? A: We are working on it. Q: Why does this happen? A: MA does it. Q: Can you help us? A: We work very hard to help you. I...
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    Poll: Ability to Rent or Loan items

    Shit even MA could make money off this.... Loan Agreement 1PED per day. Then set up conditions like above.
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    Sale on the auction and shops produces commission to MA and the Planet Partners?!?

    I posted some raw figures on the cash collected from auction, and its quite surprising how high it is. It was just general info gathered from MU commisions they make.... and the totals are quite high... and I always doubted they went back into the loot pool.
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    Info: Medusa apartments now available

    :), like I said.... nothing beats the real thing :D. As I grew up, I found ingame graphics not an issue.... kinda like Hentain :D nothing beats the real thing :laugh:
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    FYI: Plans for Medusa Shops

    I think if you guys want to generate additional revenue, you might debate lowering price and seeking out people who will actually use these shops for the largest benefit. We've all seen how bad most the malls are due to well.... lets be honest.... very few strong shops.... What a mall needs...
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    Info: Medusa apartments now available

    I gotta agree with Simon, $500 for these is crazy.... But it all depends on your RL situation..... I know people who order delivery when they live within 1 block of the place they order from.... maybe crazy or maybe just lazy :D. There are people who spend fortunes on things they dont really...
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    iiiiiimmmmm baaaack!

    Welcome back. If you get some of those eye patch things horses wear, you'll probably enjoy the game a lot. Just look straight ahead and not around..... Oh and cover your ears :D, nothing has changed with the ambient sounds other players make concerning EU.
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    Q&A answers coming today

    Trust not in what you read, but what you feel. Use the force my children..... use the force to seek the answers you need. I cant Kenobi.... I only sense a shroud of darkness..... Yes my son... that is the dark side......
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    Missions? Achievements?

    WTF? I know you want us to spend more cash...... and I think missions was somewhat nice... since it would reward those who grinded mobs with some skill at least... (very expensive skill if you consider the cost/reward, without nice loot :D) But achievements???? Really? I know some people...