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    Response on Bad Loot and my MA tracked 91% Returns

    "Most of the current complaints we see come from accounts that are within the expected range, we can also state that your returns match the expectations and examples we set in the Dev Notes." so losing 10k+ Ped / month is OK , the expectations are good but it can be also better than this...
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    Response on Bad Loot and my MA tracked 91% Returns

    hahaha you should see my return (80%), 91 % is a hope for me and not , im not using swine deluxe
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    5k and the unbalanced luck

    well i didnt took any 5k either and i have the same loss as he said he has ... but the game is like that , others take 5k points like is nothing and others get 14 points in one hour beside the bosses , no mather what how fast you kill them. You know , i didnt hit the perfect combination of skill...
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    5k and the unbalanced luck

    so how many unfair 5K points did you get? insane how the forum posts work
  5. restart !

    restart !

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    5k and the unbalanced luck

    Well are a lots of factors that are need to be modified, let’s start with the first some that are in cat 10 are preferring to chip out and compete in lower cat , why? Because they don’t have the best gear and because even if they place on 10th place they will be paid less than the first on cat 2...
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    5k and the unbalanced luck

    What’s 5k points ? Some are barely seeing 100 points , FFA or anihilation same thing.
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    instance 07 ATH

    You had one chance and now is gone
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    Seasonal ring prices

    i belive the numbers are way more higher , because are lot of people that open the boxes into the website. and those dont appear as discovered in EL or in game from what i know. if i mistake please correct me.
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    Santa's Secret Code - WIN UP TO 2,000 PED for every HOF 500 and Greater!!!

    put me in Livius Beyond Godlike
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    Nothing online?

    well it was good for me also , but relogged and then boom , client down , i think that is f..ked for everyone is enough to relog and than is broken. Lets hope that the team is not on vacation.
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    Nothing online?

    same here , i relogged and now launcher doesnt load anymore
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    how big does a hof need to be for you to consider withdrawing it?

    Something over 200k maybe I’ll withdraw 50 k anything under 100k it’s just tt payback