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    Free For All ( FFA) Mining Mayhem : Win A Level 7 Unlimited Mining Amp (Mining Only)

    Sign me up. Looks like fun,Sign me up please. Zardoz Zed Longcloud.:yay:
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    Entropia and The Chosen Avatars

    "There is no such thing as luck". This was a direct quote from a post from Marco Behrmann.I even used it as my siggie for a long time I've looked for this post but have been unable to find it. I'm coming up on 10 years in game and have found 8 Towers (2 not recorded on tracker) full esi,loads...
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    What is your RL profession?

    During my training for my security licence we were told that we were all Agents for the Client. And the Clients Information was secret. So I'm a........... Secret Agent:cool:
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    What will you do if you have $500 extra cash earn from EU?

    Can't go past this for comfort:cool: Buy my (M) Shadow helm on ingame auction +5k:yay::yay::yay:
  5. Barbers chair.

    Barbers chair.

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    Post Cool Screenshots ~

    My screenies are mostly mining shots:smoke: The shot in space was CND with a glitch where you spawned on the surface and didnt die.
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    Have you ever ended up in a place like this ?

    And I thought this was my special place:scratch2:
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    stupid Aussie Dollar ;,(

    50 days and counting:wtg: business days ofc:mad:
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    Abuse of MM Categories

    My thoughts as well but its not just MM..Love the game but hate the joke that its turning into ...time to lvl the Lock.
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    HoF: My UBER HOF Finally !!

    That's just sooo wrong.. gz tho.
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    Server Downtime For Release

    Came home from christmas shopping and tried to log in ,Damn update in progress, So i decided to have dinner with the wife,she seems like a nice person:yup:
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    "your avatar is already logged on!" wth?!

    Internal error. Must have been the sushi i had for lunch:(
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    FYI: Current mining loot pool status - TERRIBLE

    level 60.9 prospector..#39 ath miner in entropia ..(dropped 3 or 4 places) and Ive given up mining because it sux.:mad: So fedup with the RIP off mining system that I don't even want to skill that last .10% to max the vrx3000 Fed up with the 80ped hofs .what a joke Mining used to be fun and I...
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    Help: Old Newbie in Australia looking for a mentor

    Hey Wicked..Welcome to EU.Fellow Aussie here,not quite as old but getting closer:smoke: Be prepared for a long haul, Plenty of people here full of good advice (and some with not so good)more than willing to lend a hand, If your looking for an Aussie society I'd recommend "Aussie Entropians" all...