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  1. 4495 PED Rextelum Strong

    4495 PED Rextelum Strong

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    The Hogglo Ranch - 500 ped Bonus Event - join now !!!

    register Lore of June
  3. Massive Blaus

    Massive Blaus

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    Red Ped Redemption Events!

    Register: Cali Destiny Sijngaard Lore of June
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    Biggest unamped HOF you got?

    MF-104 6942 Ped Alicenies Liquid 04.12.2008 Ziplex MT1000 02.09.2009 3433 ped Melchi Water Ziplex MT1000 3223 Sweetstuff 03.05.2009...
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    EntropiaFund Bonus Events

    Please register: Lore Of June Cali Destiny Sijngaard
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    Selling: Mah'ketta set F

    Bump for Easter Mayhem armor. 55 Harbinger protection (with 6A's).
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    Selling: Gremlin set F

    Various tiers between 0.0 and 1.9 TT + 170 ped
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    Selling: Mah'ketta set F

    All parts tier 0.9 (except footguards - tier 0.7), good tier rates - TT + 310 ped
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    More uses for pets! (esp. rare/mythic/legendary)

    I would like to see the following uses implemented for pets: 1. tagger (used to tag a mob while you are still shooting another) 2. decoy (like when you have a mob spawned on you while you are still shooting another) 3. mob gatherer (would make rocket launcher owners happy)
  11. Wombana Prowler 911 PED

    Wombana Prowler 911 PED

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    Selling: 761 ped ESI

    Sold. Thread can be closed.
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    Selling: 761 ped ESI

    Bump this.
  14. Massive Zinc unamped

    Massive Zinc unamped

    Arkadia <3
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    Servers Are Down

    Bulimia nervosa for pets.