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    Calypto- why dont you just give it a rest, Faghead is nothing to what you have said over your radio show - calling RJ ugly also Steve a shit head and whoever else, its clear all you want is Attention and your not gunna get anymore here.You send me a msg saying you giving up? Iv'e got nothing to give up on ANYTHING its clear anymore threads made about this issue are all going to get locked so you gunna have to find another way to get Attention or is this how its going to work spamming everyones profiles? gosh I feel sorry for you, you really should get out more!

    Goodbye and gl with your never ending battle!
    I dont think your bored at all..You participate happily in trashing.. Would you like to discuss or am i leaft only with yet another one sided view.When you say Faghead it doesnt impress me alot and makes me wonder if i still have an issue to deal with concerniong You. Let me know how you want to proceed,Faghead isnt showing me your bored at all..It indicates you want to get involved.
    Thank you Loren. He still owes me 150 ped back. I wish i had the ability to get him to pay us as well. I want the ped to go to a deserving players that needs it. It still bugs me that we allowed him to do this at our event and so far he still has gotten away with it..I guess we have had so many folks saying things that are opposite if what we are i feel its time to defend ourselves vehemently. Buy my only intent was to help you.You were a perfect stranger to me as well but i help strangers evry day. Thats who and what we are.. Again i never intended on insulting you from the very start or in any post on the forum. I would still help you today is what we do we help. I will never understand wht folks here are so hostile especially to a radio station that really does make a difference in helping players want to stay in game. Thank you for your reply as that means alot to me..Thank you again loren
    Seems like u both are asses that cant help yourselves from Talking about folks..You have absolutely no idea what ur talkin about..You have to be the best example of ignorance talkin i have ever seen. How would like if others spread rumors thatyou are a sammer with nothing buy Malice behind thier lip..Please show me any evidence u have..ANY at all..You cant..All u do is spred lies..Pure LIES
    Just one piece of evidence. Just One.. U cant
    Yeah tell me about it at least he's a bit politer on yours :p

    Seems to me he likes to steal and when someone mentions that he goes all ape ;)
    heres what yuur friend sent me
    "and what about your ill gotten gains? u fat crook " I do not think he is being fair in any way shape or form..Thank you for choosing sides with out even being fair
    Loren :) Not a problem, thanks for the update though! Much appreciated.

    Haha, actually I'm one of those freaks who dares to offend many ears by saying they don't drink alcohol. Parties aren't my thing, but I always make the best of a situation and it was nice to see the family after a couple of years absence!

    Many thanks again. Looking forward to hearing from you! :)
    Hey for just the hey's sake and maybe part because I had a few beers... Ok, it's for the beers sake then! :D
    My pleasure, Loren! People annoy me when they do that too... don't know why we can't just get along.
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