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  1. Rainbow Unicorn

    Rainbow Unicorn

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  3. Panda no pull

    Panda no pull

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    Yup, Bertha bot is lost.
  5. Dee Dee bad bad Dee Dee

    Dee Dee bad bad Dee Dee

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    where are my diamonds?

    Her problem is that she was able to purchase them and has not gotten them.
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    Info: PEDs for Testers!

    In game click on the Treasure Chest in lower right hand corner. There with the ped you can buy diamonds, gold, sheilds, battle packs.... 100 ped will go very fast. :)
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    FYI: Compet has its own forum now. Please register there.

    If ladyliegh is the name you registered under I can not see it on the members list. Maybe it did not take? Did you get a welcome email?
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    FYI: Compet has its own forum now. Please register there.

    Compet has its own forum now. Please register there.
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    BUG! Log in BS

    Servers up. I am in. I am where I was last night.... sort of. My statless pet that looked like a lizard has been replaced with a Furlock. My lizard had about 700 XP and was still level 1. This dumb Furlock had just 16 XP, just enough to get him to lvl 2. I would like my 700 xp added to him...
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    BUG! Log in BS

    Why the freaking silence? If they would just COMMUNICATE with the beta testers that would go far.
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    BUG! Log in BS

    If they can not get their crap together for even simple login rememberence, and if they think I am starting all over again they can forget it. If I can't login with my info and pick up where I was playing from just last night I am done with the game. I have never beta tested a game where beta...
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    BUG! Log in BS

    After not letting me in about all morning with it being hung up on a blank black screen. It finally told me that I was last logged in from a different device and I needed to relogin. Ummm... I play on my PC so that is BS. I stopped playing from my tablet because the horrible graphics flashing...
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    logging in lag

    I still can't get in. Keeps saying servers not responding. :P
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    BUG! Forest battle timer bug.

    Seriously guys, no new fixes few a few weeks? Seriously? This bug is still around. It hit me today when fighting Firebrand in a Forest battle with my lvl 8 pet. The timer gets to zero when you get three things lined up against Firebrand such as Ignite, poison, etc... By the time all three...