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    Free players can not farm skills at Zychion Citadel by Mulciber?

    Well, it seems this thread is starting to go off topic, and I'm pretty sure that whatever creative discussion there is to be had has already happened. Also, the original post violates the forum rules (incl. 2.11 and 4.1) to begin with. Locking this thread.
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    Atrox Poker Game 2
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    Still a pirate?

    Seems OP has already gotten a reply to the original question, and this thread is just getting increasingly off topic and into rulebreaking territory, so locking it.
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    Sector B1 from RDI Secret lab is bugged.

    Yes, sorry, to clarify; not being able to reach sector C is *not* a bug. Other issues (safe keys and survival wave) are known and should be fixed in upcoming patch. EDIT: Just to add, those who have had issues with the keys will be compensated, but they must contact support for that to happen.
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    Sector B1 from RDI Secret lab is bugged.

    It is not bugged, but sector C is a much bigger project than B, and should be in the next major content release. Sector B drops new B chips in the meantime.
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    Sector B1 from RDI Secret lab is bugged.

    Sector C1 is off limits for now.
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    Suggestion: UI Resolution scaling

    I'll forward this thread and the suggestions in it to the dev team.
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    FYI: LAG

    Here is what Dennis said about this issue:
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    Entropia Universe Client Installation Testing Assistance

    A replacement application certificate has recently been installed for the Entropia Universe client application, to resolve the issue referenced in this announcement: Entropia Universe Client Installation Issues. It would be helpful for our developers to confirm that everything is working...
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    Yog Pet Buff Issue

    We are currently working on this issue, but it will take some time. Thank you for your patience.
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    patch notes ?

    The latest patch was only for partner content, so there are no platform notes this time.
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    M-Matrix amps not working

    This issue should be fixed by the hotfix this morning. If there are any lingering issues, please submit a new support case about it.
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    Entropia Universe 17.3 Release Notes

    Updated release notes with known issues. The "Buffs on attachments are not working properly" one should be fixed by the hotfix by now though.
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    Server Downtime for Patch

    This hotfix was for the "attachment buffs not working properly" issue. If anyone still has any problems with attachments, please send a support case about it, but it should be working as intended.
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    Scanners not displaying attributes/info is a known issue. The release notes have been updated accordingly. I will also pass on the skill gains issue.