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  • Sorry for the delay - went out for dinner.
    You can DO missions in a team but at present, each kill only gets attributed to one player. And that is the person who did the most damage to it. Which is a bit of a bind, but such is life.

    As to cars I've not checked markup recently but I like the Saehrimmer (Landrover) as a vehicle... If you just want to zoom about then the single-seater dune-buggy thing is probably smarter for you, but I like the landy as it has passenger space, can get a weapon mount, etc.

    But there's all sorts, including a hovercraft, which might be more practical if you want to only get one vehicle for both land and water. I got a boat and a Landy and a VTOL though :)
    *just laughs*
    Wait till you see the new armours and clothing options on your brand new graphics card too. ;)
    The Cry-engine upgrades are really pretty.
    Hey hun, think we miss eachother everyday with a few hours :( .. Hope to see you soon, miss you
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