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    The Market Value is not a Game

    Keep it interesting Here's a point to make. Making PEDs from the markets and not hunting/mining/crafting is as much of a challange and can be almost as rewarding as a nice return. If the game gave to much information about markets it would leave my brain very little to work out. As I am now...
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    The Market Value is not a Game

    Well said :)
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    The Horror!

    Very funny thanks
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    Selling: ghost M (tier 1.3-1.9) with zombie ul footguards

    While i wish u good luck selling, it brings the idea of selling Armor Sets in Auction, perhaps MA can organise a Armor Set category and buy one set of armor. Might save all buyers and sellers a lot of time. GL Filibert
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    Team Request Scam

    Yes i agree you should be able to remove yourself from someones list or block them. Perhaps MA will look into this for the future. Unfortunatley the guy sounds very young and perhaps given time he might reflect on how silly hes been. Just a quick appology here would go a long way :) ty for...
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    Server Downtime For Release

    lots of releases for each planet= no up time Just a note, when we have several planets, seems like we have to download content for all of them. I dont want all the planets content or the amount of time it will take to update each planents content will just mean more disk space for nothing. I...
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    EU has lost its magic for me

    History is great Some of the memories I and others out there have of the good old days, are very found memories, I will never forget the first Feff that myself and Erin took down, took forever but what a rush. While I am not playing very much at all now, I was wondering how the newbies (what...
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    Other Planets Disgused

    you maybe surprised I think it may surprise us all and be a success. If so the 13-17 year olds might move over to Calypso when their old enought :) if a current 13-17 year old knows who MJ is :laugh:
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    Tomorrow's FPC update

    Always and every day, just keep trying again and it works eventually
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    EU has lost its magic for me

    Agree I posted a thred last week sort of saying the same thing, but the OP got the point accross much better. Im now just selling my gear in auction and slim lining my avatar, whats next who knows for me. ATM not EU really. Good post.
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    How often do people think of leaving for pasters new

    Thanks Thanks to all posters. Its good to get different views on things, it gives people like me the oportunity to reflect and try and think diferently about the game and perhaps a break and approach the game as if i was a newbie all over again :) GL 2 all xx
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    How often do people think of leaving for pasters new

    Means move on to another game or even back to Real Life :) Please peeps some constructive comments for MA/FPC and Entropians Z
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    How often do people think of leaving for pasters new

    As i am leaving full time EU. I was wondering how often people really think about leaving and playing something else or just getting back to real life. I thought that this thread might help MA/FPC make Entropia the game that it could/should be. So perhaps replies might follow this: Reasons for...
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    Are you an Old Player but not super active?

    update: sorry peeps but im leaving, will be around for a few weeks waiting on Auction. But RL calls and perhaps something more llike the older VUs for me mainly pre VU10 its just not my thing GL 2 all
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    Content 11.3.0 RELEASE

    I completly agree. My suggestion now would be after all the VU10 Cry2 stuff it is a completly new game. Please setup a new game MA with pre VU10 and I will stay. Until then I really sorry for all that now me but my time is done. I will pop in once and a while for social chats but as regards...