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  • Hi Fade, thanks for the message. But you might want to have your new friend contact Spleen,
    she is a member of Jaguar Spirit, my old society. She lives in Osaka and speaks fluently Japanese and might be able to help your friend a lot better.

    I also think they would then be on the same timeline if your friend lives in Japan.
    However I do not know if she currently is playing. Contact her here on the forum, she is on my friends list. Or try to get in contacht with one of the Jaguar Spirit members. ;)
    Marikosan no eigo ha subarashii desu. Nihongo mo hanseru to omoimasu. Watashi ha, Marikosan ni, atarashii nihonjin pureiya wo shokaishitai desu. Geimu de watashi (Caldonicus Fade Lore) wo sagashite kudasai.

    Gomen, nihongo de mata jouzu ja arimasen.
    Hi everyone, a delayed happy new year and marry christmas.
    Forgot all about this as I have lots of fun in Cebu.

    I am still with the familie in Cebu and will be back early februari.
    Having a BBQ on the beach at christmas was a wierd feeling. :laugh:

    Visited the Kawasan falls at Badian on Cebu island, nice little spot with very clear spring water.
    Now we have rain here but nice to sit on the balcony of our room and internet for a while.

    Cya all next month, then I will login again on Calypso. :laugh:

    Thank you for the messages. At this time I am busy in real life with my family.
    This summer I hit another real life ATH and two lovely twin daughters became part of my family through adoption. :D

    For now I am working hard to make them feel at home and getting used to their new home country. Also we have plans to go for a long vacation to Asia and visit my family during christmas and new year.

    So for now I have not much spare time but hope to join you all online again next year. :wtg:

    Hi Mariko - I've recently found myself with enough free time to get sociable again so I thought I'd drop you a quick hello. Hope all is well in your world and hope to see you online soon.

    I play pretty often and I'm on almost everyday. I don't think I'm planning on going anywhere else any time soon :)

    Yes I still do play Entropia, but for the moment I am busy in real life.
    So my online time now is low. :D

    Same for me, I know a few but hardly anyone of those still play.
    Most have sold out and left for other games. When things start rolling in
    here, maybe we will see more of them. ;)
    Hello Mariko! Do you still play Entropia?! :) I think I can only name a hand full of asians that actually play, including myself... :(

    Happy new year to you too Imperios. :)

    I reviece PM's from you now, and yes we can meet in game.
    Mostly I hang around Neas Place when I'm not hunting. ;)
    As of today I have handed over leader ship of Entropia Maniacs to Lucho MUCHO Ireton.

    For now I will be freelancer as I need some time off from any society. During this time I will think about my future on Planet Calypso.
    Hi all, I will no longer continue my story.
    I have asked the forum staff to remove it.
    For me it no longer fits this new universe and therefor see no reason to continue.

    Thanks all for reading and leaving comments. ;)
    Hi eveyone, I always like reading books and whenever I found some time I used to read a lot. Still do but a lot less. Always wanted to try my hand at writing a story. A while back I started this little story.

    I decided to write my avatars story, of her entering the Entropia Universe and writing it from her view. As if she really lived like a human colonist on planet Calypso, First time I ever tried writing.

    The story starts on Earth before her departure to Planet Calypso. I felt it would be nice to give her some pre Calypso history. I hope you like it, here below is the link. ;)

    Mariko Ninja Torranaga’s Story.

    If you want you can leave some comments here about that story. I know, a shameless plug. :laugh:
    Hi Ben, sorry for the late reply. ;)
    Sure do I remember a maniac, even if it's been a while. :D
    Well you are still on my FL, so drop me a PM ingame when you feel like it. ;)
    Hi Mariko Ben Coyote here, (Remember me?) I've been hoping you were still in game, as I too have been in game a lot lately, and I was hoping that we could start some conversation again. After all a lot has happened in the last few months, and I hope we can still be friends.

    Ben Coyote (Aka "The Blind Sniper")
    lol Esperanto ? I heard of that but never had interrest in that language.

    Yes I did study a little Japanese, but very little, don't have the time to get into. Work and kids they take up a lot of time.
    So my knowledge of Japanese is very very little. :D

    No not living in Japan, I whas born there, but we moved to Europe when I whas 2 years old. I lived most of my life in Europe, so eventhough I have Japanese parents, inside I'm not Japanese. This can be hard at times, not Japanese but also not Europian. ;)

    I also don't think there are many Japanese playing Entropia, so far only met one, but she no longer plays. Shame really as she came from my birthplace.
    I understand. But if it is an international forum? why limit it to English (711) ;) ... I think Esperanto is in order ;)... Freaking Yanks, expect everyone to adapt to them.... (wait..what I am saying, I is one).

    Anyhow, so you study a little Japanese? Otaku ? ;)

    So, not living in Japan, obviously. Shame, I would love to hook up with Japanese players (but I doubt there are any, in spite of the fact that one of the top games in japan right now is a monster killing game).
    Hi Fade, just a little bit. :D
    So sorry, it's also Enligh only on profile pages.
    I also feel it should be, as this is an international forum.

    I'm sure you understand. ;)
    (wonders if the English only rule applies to profile pages)
    Hey there, thought id fill up your visitor messages a bit, looks so empty :) Hope everything is good with you!

    // Exo
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