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    Info: Calypso Explorer Map (Continued)

    Good job keeping the map up to date!
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    There are 15 feffoids in the cave.
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    Melee range

    Because MA doesn't like melee :mad:
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    Question: About the Rep-system

    When it comes right down to it, why even give a shit about reps? What are you going to do, die if you get a -rep; or have the ultimate orgasm if you get a +rep? As somebody once said "It just don't matter";)
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    I have some Bones are they used any more ?

    As far as I know the quest is still open, at least I hope it is. I need 3k more bones to complete the mission. They seem to drop at about 5/hour hunting the punys continuously. I think you gave me some last time you gave them away.
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    My Loot Sucks

    What's a HOF? I thought they discontinued them in 2006.
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    Religion in EU, why not?

    You deserve any neg rep you get - do you own this thread? I gave you a neg rep because you were trying to make this into a religious post and as I said in my neg rep to you - you are doing nothing but looking for a fight. As far as your revenge rep goes it shows that you don't give a shit about...
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    Religion in EU, why not?

    Please lock this thread!!!
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    EU Advert On

    Fauxnews LOL - i guess people watch it for entertainment, hopefully not for news.
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    No more CDF power amps ?

    Yes they still are available on occasion. I have gotten a couple of them since i posted in this thread a couple of years ago. You can see who is buying them if you drive by the npc a couple of times per day. They are generally the same alt parked at the npc. As far as reporting them MA does a...
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    daily argo mission can't be finished.

    That's exactly what I got.
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    daily argo mission can't be finished.

    since the last update the daily mission for argos can't be completed - either that or i'm missing something. the mission is now made in to 2 halves separated by a gate. i can only get half of the mission done as i cannot open the second half. the only thing i can figure is when you release the...
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    Question: Many avatars doing 24/7 hunting

    it's coming --- :locked:
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    Anti-Pirate comments

    This whole thread has turned into a "my god is better than your god" rant where both gods suck.
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    Anti-Pirate comments

    Chance - you are full of it, most people don't like the pirating, you sound like a so-called president. That it why there are so many people in space - because everyone loves it.