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  • I have plans tomorrow for the wormhole ! Woot !
    Now - just to find someone with a res chip - and we got all the tough ones I think !! :yay:
    I'm outta here til tomorrow though - it's taking to long to update :D Cu megsy !
    Ah well I completed 15 levels in the hour then. You can then re-play those levels and try to 100% them indefinately for free :)

    Never played Zuma, only played Peggle because it was bundled with Half Life 2 (on a friends pc)
    lol what a crazy game !!
    Have you ever played Zuma ?
    The best way to describe it is a color coordinated tetris type game :D
    I like peggle - it's neat - i think i downloaded from the wrong spot though, it said i have 60 minutes - not a certain level
    Only skill that is going up for me now is about 1 Evade per day with daikiba dents in my vampire. NOW PLAY PEGGLE so we can talk about that (plz) ;)
    Dym, you have to play Peggle!!! Go on go on go on go on!!!! :D
    Make sure you complete at least one level.

    Yeah songs in head are terrible. Usually off TV advert or something. If youve quit EU can I have your 5b set? :laugh:
    LOL - pop cap games :ahh:
    My daughter goes there !!! I am already insufferable - duuuhhh !!

    Ever get a song stuck in your head and you can't get rid of it ?? :cry:
    Oh - and look at this movie by pinky in case you didn't.
    I really liked it a lot - which says something - cuz I don't like anything !! :laugh:
    I am I am .. I admit it !!
    I'm at 47% now - so long as I keep it above the 35% - I want the green senior member thingie :D
    I saw the pic of the pet at sweat camp - "Mega dried my mom" :rofl:
    Danielle you are a slacker, and i will kick your bottom.

    BE WARNED!! :-D
    Hi Dym!!
    Wondered where you had got to. Weather is pure rain here in UK. :)
    All well here, EU is buggy so not hunting at present. See you soon!
    Hi Megsy !!
    Weather's nice - so instead of going to do something in EU - we're going on a bike ride !! FUN !
    Hope all is going well !

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