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    No Beating Around Ones Bush

    No Beating around the bush Midnight GMT ~ Normandie Radio presents " No Beating Around One's Bush " with hosts Foxy & Moonie informal chat show with the two ladies of the bush, discussing topical issues and giving advice and opinions on your problems should you be brave ( or stupid)...
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    Further Developmont of Emotes and Social Standard

    My 2p worth Hi guys and gals Ok here goes... i agree yes there could be better emotes in game but there again there could be a lot of better things in game to be honest with the game running on cry engine.. There are games/mmorpg out there that gives you a lot more options than EU does.. Eg i...
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    A Normandie Radio Interview with NeverDie???

    Would be nice to sit down and have a chat like we do with david dobson..
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    FYI: GUEST DJ on Normandie Radio

    TUNE in on and give him a listen
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    FYI: GUEST DJ on Normandie Radio

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    NR & David Dobson Interview 23rd FEB!!!

    ok the recording of the Interview is on the web-site for any that missed it ..thanks to some of our good friends:- enjoy
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    NR & David Dobson Interview 23rd FEB!!!

    No point in asking david ..and with you being in game as long as you have im sure it would have sunk in by now that planet partners do not have any control or information of the loot pool .. as neil has already said in a earlier post . regards
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    NR & David Dobson Interview 23rd FEB!!!

    Hi george Perhaps this maybe a question you should post on bonnies thread to ask kim ..seeing as he is alot closer to the runnings of MA than perhaps david is .. regards
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    Selling: Everything

    bump for some great stuff
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    Selling: Everything

    sorry to see you selling out matey .... but a good woman does strange thing's to us guys wish you both the best of futures together regards
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    FYI: Normandie Radio Does David Dobson Upcoming VU

    DAVID DOBSON LIVE on Normandie Radio!!! 01:00 AM.. MA TIME ~ Sunday morning - 2nd December 2012 LIVE WITH DJ ISCLAY We are happy to host Dave for a short discussion on the upcoming VU amongst other things. Dave is a VERY busy man these days and we are looking forward to an easy going chat...
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    Web Design and Hosting for PED

    Hi everyone Rusty remade our web site for us here at were all happy with the out come of it thanks rusty :)
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    MindArk Buys Back Calypso Land Deeds

    Hi Everyone i have just read this thread start to finish as it was bought to my attention by mr fish as he had mentioned me in it and thought it fair to let me know... i have + Rep'd some very good posts in this thread. i will say that we at Normandie radio have a good working rapport with...
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    Normandie radio jingle event

    Event closed no more submissions .. ty to all that enterd
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    Normandie radio jingle event

    only 2 days left to submit your entry