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    Selling: Ares Ring Perfected and Summer Ring 2018

    Close thread, moved to ingame AU.
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    Selling: Ares Ring Perfected and Summer Ring 2018

    Hey all, I'm looking to sell these 2 rings: Ares Ring, Perfected SB: tt+6.75k BO: tt+7.00k Current: None ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Summer Ring 2018 SB: tt+14.00k BO: tt+ 14.90k Current: None...
  3. Ares Ring, Perfected.jpg

    Ares Ring, Perfected.jpg

    Ares Ring, Perfected
  4. Summer Ring 2018.jpg

    Summer Ring 2018.jpg

    Summer RIng 2018
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    Selling: Crazy amount of Armor Plates (Many Types - Ripper Hide, Neverdie Dragon, 3e, Calidus, AP-66 and Many More!)

    Hello All, Trying to unload a lot of my extra stuff from storage - please feel free to offer around market price and I'll sell them off as I get offers. Armor Plates 7x Ripper Hide 7x Pulsar 6 5x NEVERDIE Dragon MK3 4x NEVERDIE DRAGON MK2 7x Calidus 2 14x MK. 3E 7x MK.5E 4x AP-42 Impact 4x...
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    Selling: Eudoracell Pet

    Hey all, I'm selling a Eudoracell Pet for the best offer. It is level 1 and unfed; I'm not a fit pet owner as I don't feed him! SB: tt+10 PED BO: tt+135 PED Current: None Thanks, Star
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    Selling: Herman XLR Chulan Edition (Tier 7.99)

    Close thread please...I'm listing in AU
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    Selling: Herman XLR Chulan Edition (Tier 7.99)

    Sry, XBR-2 As the Picture shows. The 11 month old is very distracting!
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    Selling: Herman XLR Chulan Edition (Tier 7.99)

    Hello All, I'm selling this rifle for a fair offer; I received it in a trade and have no use for it. The gun is great and needs a new home. I plan to sell by 07/09/2020 so there won't be a long wait on me accepting the best offer. SB: tt+5.5k BO: tt+14.5k Current: None Thanks, Star
  10. Herman XBR-2 Chulan Edition

    Herman XBR-2 Chulan Edition

    XBR-2 Chulan
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    To punish or not to punish exploiters

    I don’t see any voting options for beheading, public stoning, or hanging them in the market square... I have some thoughts on this all but will post them when not on a mobile device. I just read up on the Yog issue as I’ve been busy with my new addition to the family and avoiding coronavirus...
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    :) Good Stuff MA!
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    FYI: Star Gazing TV - Jenna Star Mercury's Twitch Stream (Episode V)

    Live. My Fellow Entropians, This will not be your typical Entropia stream. I have a long delayed announcement of real life events as well as ways we can maybe be a part of the world’s effort to battle the dreadful pandemic which has consumed our daily lives. If you come to EU to seek an...
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    Selling: Mayhem Scintillator Viridian (Tier 9.3)

    Bump for big price update. Should be nice and cheap now. Thanks