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    Question: Will there be a Summer Mayhem 2022?

    Yeah, stop all revenue streams and only work on your dreams. I guess the share holders will be very happy.
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    FYI: Ares ring Perfected @ 3800p

    How could it depend on your weapon? It does depend if you have extra crit damage though.
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    Overmine,re-bomb,mining next to other player?

    Yeah! Make sure to base your facts on this. A player with massive experience based on EL... If you believe you will get 98% returns from everything regardless of what you do, well, I think you well get disappointed. For crafting and mining I don't know. For hunting this tread gives some numbers...
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    FYI: Ares ring Perfected @ 3800p

    What Slyk said :)
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    The great Storage War 2022

    The Codex has a tab for Meta. Today we only have "Attribute Challenge". Let's add some more! "Storage Challenge" driven by crafting or mining? 10 Points/Rank.
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    FYI: Ares ring Perfected @ 3800p

    In loot 2.0 you can't calculate to "recoup" the cost like that. Still a good ring though.
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    Not possible to update mission specifications

    Bump So sad that we can't add or modify missions. Or add/correcting any Blueprints information. Any hope getting this working again?
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    Avoid the scammers

    Trade terminal is a scam, only gives me 100%! How do I add this "Trade Terminal" to my ignore list? Obviously a service, not a scam... It's quite a lot of work getting the few PECs out of that loot. Doing the work yourself will get you those PECs, letting someone else do it will only give you...
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    Help: Data needed to update jdegre optimizer skill curve

    Yeah, I do get the rounding error to whole points. It's just that you mentioned the sine wave. The method with full TT chips is really good at capturing the overall trend but since a full TT gives more than 500 points (even at 50K skills) I think it will be mathematically impossible to resolve...
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    Help: Data needed to update jdegre optimizer skill curve

    From all data I have seen the sine wave continues with a period of 500 points. It will not be possible (or at least more difficult) to model it using this data though since a full tt chip gives you too many points. This data is still really valuable to see the overall trend. But to get the...
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    Suggestion: Portable Stand

    I like the idea! Could be dedicated areas for it.
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    Suggestion: Make Loot Meaningful

    Why not level 1000, non-sib?
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    Increase in Scanning Information

    Thread 'Utilize Codex to give information about the game' Similar but more aimed at codex
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    News: Regarding the Issue in Easter Mayhem 2022

    @My|MindArk Can you verify if you mean: "No participants were able to repeat the mission more than once" or "No participants were able to complete the mission more than once"
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    Suggestion: special mayhem vendor item: backup server

    100 rares and 1M normal tokens