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  • Micker, was it you who asked me to pick up some NI L bp books ? If so, I have a couple of both sizes on me - send me a pm ingame when convenient :)
    "I lived in a place called okfuskee
    And I had a little girl in a holler tree
    I said, little girl, its plain to see,
    Aint nobody that can sing like me
    Aint nobody that can sing like me"

    Soon I will hear this live ;)

    Edited, just because.
    I edited the screenshot of you as requested, and put it on the thread, then gave it a nice little bump ;)
    lol Creative details are all you ;) I make pretty pictures, yet very dull strings of words....
    You should stop by for the pre-game advertising/slash TP runs to the location beforehand :)
    "Is it real?".... Oh, it's real and it's happening! lol
    Alchemy Academy is the home of the "School of the Gods" and official sponsor of "The Curandero" project.
    Check out my blog here in EF at....
    Any comments made would be appreciated to keep the discussion going and keep it bump’n!
    Check my blog... you are, by your society membership (or mine), eligible for a full scholarship from the Alchemy Academy. :yay:

    Maybe we could get you to say a few words. You know, for the children. :laugh:

    Peace out,
    QAM "Kam" :headbang:
    Micker says,
    "Only those that don't believe in leaders should lead" :thumbup:
    >Indeed.... so, lead on my General!... :shots:
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