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    står ju fel där, ska ju vara
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    egentligen :D

    nä skoja :D or did I? ;D
    I have a similar pic, my daughter just happened to take a pic of our cat as I came down the stairs singing LOUD, the cats expression was much the same, hence this tickled me, they really DO get shocked! LOL :rofl:
    Hello the Mika. Well i'm just coming back to the game after hearing that the CE2 is finally coming out. I'd like to start over fresh with a great group of people to have some fun with again.
    Mika, kan du säga till de som är online på EU nu att det är socjakt på onsdag 20:00MA time vid Twins, argonaut beroende på hur många det blir, annars så blir det något mindre, men be dem ha runk 1-2K ammo om det är möjligt :)
    Sorry MoFo .. but I have to throw a little support Mika's way, here. I have no issue with you - but your friend is a class A douchebag.
    Mika - don't worry about the troll also known as Brooklyn. She doesn't have many (if any) friends to post on their profiles, so she has to harass the many people who -rep her for her borderline retarded comments.
    You should see all the profiles she leaves her :bs: on. She must have to seek attention in one way or another - this is how she does it, because her RL fails.
    Don't let it bug you - sorry for the large amount of chat - but I wanted to let you know that you're not alone :D
    Look sorry for bugging you like that just i saw what i saw she is a good friend and i was standing up for her i'm sure you would do the same for any of your friends.
    ok then whateva i'm just going with what i am seeing here Brooklyn is one of my best friends i cant stand to see people being rude to her every one has there say in things it's how life is, i'm happy to leave you alone just try to put things in a more nicer way next time.
    I don't care!!! Ok you were rude to Brooklyn when all she was doing was being nice but i guess you can't see a good thing when it jumps out in front of you.
    how about don't be a ass whole to Brooklyn she was only trying to be nice! anyone is free to go and look at anyone else's profile so deal with it.
    Thanks again for the rep... and yes... the end of PVP in EU would not offend me in the least...:)
    "Take your bad mental health somewhere else."

    And you just go kill yourself, seems you lost your words spreading nice reps.. big boy you are
    Thanks for the rep...:) but go find another thread or hit the ingnore button... better a troll than an ass...
    kan hända att folk är på semester, men det brukar vara folktomt på sommaren i EU. Är ju fint väder och sånt så de är väll utomhus. det kan ju vara att de har problem med sina datorer och sådant med, eller att de har tagit en paus från EU. :)
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