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  • Real mature for the neg rep there Milken. In that case there are only 3 ingame (I knew it was either 2 or 3), because I've seen Star's one & asked him how much he would sell it in future. Oh yes it was jimmy stryker that looted the sga mm ops, I did say I think. Some of those pictures look recent tbh & it doesnt matter if you think Stormer doesnt deserve that is your opinion, those ATH's could be him getting back the peds he used also & profits with MU. Maybe you do not own the gear or skills he does in which case I think he does. Ah lot of people have high regards for Stormer as being a better uber than the rest & his loot record could testify to that. But you didnt need to neg rep me for that. You might want to check ATH list for tiered items at number 12 there is the prove you need.
    hey m8
    i have 4+ k hg
    no ideea how much that is this days but im sure we can work on it ;)
    Hey I noticed your message in the -rep :)
    Yes, prices go down when the market is flooded.
    Currently there are 4 Improved 2870s on the market, while there is only 1 set of angel (M) on the market. To me that means that the market is flooded on the I2870 and the price should drop, yes. The market is NOT flooded on Angel (M) however, so it would not drop.
    Labeling me a reseller is kind of funny - since I am earning no profit whatsoever through this trade - I am simply doing it to help out a friend.
    Well thanks for the -rep, kind of nice to see red along with the green around the holiday season ;)
    Have a nice day.
    Ty for your -rep :

    If you see the posts where i explain what is going on, maybe you had a different opinion ..

    How ever i'm here to say that i've done MANY constractive Tests in guns , amps and keep helping the community when he is here searching for fame and low level , cheap popularity .... has 2.3k posts of which 2.1k are "gratz :yay: " ... Nothing to compare IMHO.

    Good day , hope you understand my point of view now.

    Demonikos :tiphat:
    neh tar o lirar lite Entropia snart skulle jag tro :p. Skulle du runka till d4 lr va fan skrev du ahaha
    ne men blev det fint tycker du? hehe jo jag mår bra, dock lite trött efter bara 4 timmars sömn. Göra ikväll då?
    tja! fixade precis min profil så tänkte vf itne ta och adda ltie vänner ^^. Annars allt bra?
    fan va svårt det ska va att få tag på boar då=(
    men fan är lite sugen på en cronicle harnesst
    btw I was thinking about a friend with many many thousand dollars in items when i wrote post... he has been a stupid ofc not buiyng gc, but a better management of cases in which tens of thousands of dollars are involved would be appreciated by MA. Not talking about 100 peds. Read all the thread about this case under Robullo Robnap Esposito, (if u haven't already ofc) and tell me if MA had a fair behaviour
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