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    Question: Bug or Feature - Space Stations lack space faring facilities

    This is an intended feature to recruite more players and give a positive experience of the game. Or wait..?
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    Buying: Lion armor parts (F)

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    Price Check BC-80 augmented

    The only issue when buying at peak before a price crash is that the value will fall more than on that car. When not buying at a inflated peak before a fall I would agreed :)
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    Selling: Omegaton M2870 Improved T8.29 - LF upgrade ....**SOLD**

    You do need a reality check on that number if you want a trade to happen :p (just ment to help)
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    News: New Treasure Island Deeds

    It's sold out now so next on the list is abandon project :D
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    Eomon Migration 2022

    They could do it on TI but it would have to be without revenue paid to deeds or else it would (or should) upset other deed holders and PPs. They could celebrate the removal of lootable space and interplanetary auctions by having the migration spread across the universe. Now that would be...
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    Eomon Migration 2022

    And fix the damn problem where the whole spawn is inside bushes like at the prot spawn ^^
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    Buying: Lion armor parts (F)

    Bump for more parts
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    Is 'botting' responsible for the rapid item price increase

    I've noticed the same. Antzhepgo soon has one of each 2.0 also :p
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    Selling: Pills & boosters

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    Selling: Sold Kinetic Attack Nanochip 7

    Asking TT+900 PED BO sold
  12. kinchip.jpg


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    Is 'botting' responsible for the rapid item price increase

    Where do you have your info about imk2? I sold mine around then for 75k I belive.
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    Selling: Improved M2870 Tier 2.9. RX OpTac X2 (F) set Tier 1.99.

    how much did the i2870 sell for? :cool: