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  • Hello Miss, be happy to help with any info i can.. and a soc full of chatter boxed that im sure be willign to answer a few questions :)

    Let me know what i can do for ya :)
    There was no inconvenience, if there were, I wouldnt have bothered to reply... just giving you some hard advice on doing your research firts...
    honestly you can find ALOT if info searching these forums. However, If you have some well thought out questions that aren't easily searched, I might be willing to answer or field it to some people who I think have a good knowledge of the game.
    first of you should read alittle more about the persons you want to talk with.. if you have been looking on EF at all the last 2-3 weeks as you should before planning to write a master about soc in PE. You will see that my account is locked and I cant login to chat with you, but ofc we could have done this over msn, or mail. second, you will see in my profile Im freelancer, and that meens Im not in a soc.

    Im must sound mad and crazy now :)
    but Im just trying to give you a few pointers.... now are you really a master student ;)
    I have no problem answering your questions, I can also pass the questions on the my soc member ( any interested can return them directly to you )
    Hi, Lots of people to interview if you want, you are also free to ask me any questions/interview me if you have any questions. Thanks.

    Ace Wiseshadow
    U can interview me if u like, the rest of my soc isnt much to talk to anyway :D
    can do if you want, drop me a pm with the questions and I'll try and get back to you when I can
    Well My soc is currently Calypso Settlers (calypsosettlers.com).. but are you referring to the EFD Growth Fund?
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