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  • Merry christmas and all the best for 2010, but sorry, santa doesn't come to bad girls ;)
    -Lawz x
    Such a pics for such a young girl :D Jk (yeah jk 'cause im not your parent xD)
    Nice profile.
    Regards :)
    Ty for your message.
    Yes ofc if you get skins I can help you with the crafting :painter:
    Take care
    Aw fair enough.. Shame, but good to hear nonetheless :)
    As for that set, did have a few offers on it.. but have resisted selling it so far so hopefully still have it there for you when you get back ;)
    If not, I'm bound to have a ton of new sets for sale by then :D
    Thank you for the picture comment! :)
    Tbh, the overall outfit didn't QUITE work out as i'd hoped (really need some more gloves and headwear options in game dammit :D)

    But the dress itself was exactly what I was after :)
    Thank you for all your help with my fashion madness :D
    It's appreciated and always a pleasure :)
    While I agree that the information needs to be posted, that tidbit could have been used after the fact... and although I'm not a big fan of it, even to "ensure" that he'd do the right thing.
    happy halloween
    Heya,Aly just wanted me to tell you she's very sorry but her net died and she will try to catch up with you tomorrow ;)
    woot Grz on the funky SGAE profile page o.o

    P.S thats my outfit she stole it off me at twin other week lol
    Oh bajeeses! Someone give this hot young things some peds already dammit! Seems she's taken up the 'Profile Mission SGA' :O
    In all seriousness tho.. gotta love ya hun :D Have to agree the new look hurts my eyes!
    But very cute :)
    PS: Loving the outfit on profile pic. Nice work hun :)
    well done ;)
    It needs a background pic but its a nice start ;)
    what happened in here though :eek:

    My eyes hurt!! :silly2:
    Lol I'm hippie ... drugs nah, but I like Trolls , Mushrooms, Butterflies and big swords as well as green is my favourite colour:D
    Trolls 2 XTroll
    I like the flutterby's, where u tripin when ya did this! need to add some magic mushies
    GJ girlie regards the the XTroll
    If i knew how to add colors i would ;P If your that bored and have the time to walk me through it, ill find the time to listen ;)
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