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  • Hey Mojo,
    Miss ya in game - hope all is well - I changed IP providers so here is my new e-mail - Write me. ~ if ya can't log on soon let me know so I can arrange for a soc security team to protect your estate. Don't want anyone breakin in and stealing a killian sword with untold sentimental value - right? Lot of looters aruond man - can never be too safe. JK - pls tell Jax I said hey and that Jenn and I are thinking of ya both.
    ive been studying a lot for an exam lately but i passed it and now i am trying to use the new license to find some work....i miss all you guys too
    Hey Mojo,

    I just wanted to check in and say hi. I haven't been on to play in awhile...mostly money woes. Nothing major but stressful nonetheless. Say hello to Jax and the rest of the gang. Don't hesitate to look me up on Facebook or Linked in if you ever just to see what I am up to.


    Hey I didn't realize you were from Louisiana too!!!!. OMG all this time another cajun. Sheesh. Message me in game dude! Lynn
    I sent you the biggest one. I also like the 5th Anniversary coin the best. Notice the continents on the planet. That planet is not earth.
    This really surprised me too, i was expecting it to arrive after my trip to the south of the france, well they came early, thats great ;) (btw wouldnt have thought it would be so big :D)
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