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    Ayida Island Presents Double Codex Mayhem!!!

    He's still working on the updates, talked to him earlier in the day (Monday EST)
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    Ayida Island Presents Double Codex Mayhem!!!

    Since there is a minimum global requirement, could you add globals column to the spreadsheet?
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    Ayida Island Presents Double Codex Mayhem!!!

    Damn, UL pieces dropped!
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    Ayida Island Presents Double Codex Mayhem!!!

    Is there shared sheet to follow along with for this event?
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    Question: Spam in PM

    well you have to give me your CC info with security code, and then I can tell ya ;)
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    Question: Spam in PM

    yay just got one, i feel so speical
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    The Rental Service of Legends! Provided by Xanato Kaso and Co.

    BUMP for Xanato's rental service. Been renting from him and having a great experience with this service, and have another rental in process. Besides being very trustworthy, he's very professional and courteous, checks in to make sure that the rental is meeting your needs, and takes time to...
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    Selling: SOLD: Full Beauty Set. All tools, chairs, sculpting unit and supplies.

    Because he is U G L Y, like kicked outta the UGLY family tree, and made sure to hit every branch on the way down...or was the Veng :D Just giving my friend and SOC mate some fun ribbing :)
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    Official Rankings

    Super Duper N00b <3
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    Selling: SOLD

    Can you feed it after midnight :D
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    Selling: Titan Shin Guards (f)

    Yeah here's the link form the DEV team that was posted in Discord about the Titan armor
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    Can you currently depo in game and or purchase items from the web shop

    I can, but I do get email from my bank asking to verify purchase or if fraud, then I can go through with the purchase/depo.
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    EntropiaGold's: GoldGrinder - The Ultimate Grinder Event

    Gz Bleib, nice job!
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    Selling: Easter Ring 2021

    :( what not biting :D