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    Buying: Hunter Mentor Edition (M)

    still buying
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    Buying: Hunter Mentor Edition (M)

    Still buying
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    Buying: Hunter Mentor Edition (M)

    still buying
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    Buying: Hunter Mentor Edition (M)

    still buying shins and feet
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    Buying: Hunter Mentor Edition (M)

    still buying
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    Buying: Hunter Mentor Edition (M)

    Buying Hunter Mentor Edition (M) armor set. Will not pay premium for high tier. (BOUGHT @ +15) Harness (BOUGHT @ +7) Thigh Guards (BOUGHT @ +2) Gloves (BOUGHT @ +8) Face Guard (BOUGHT @ +198) Shin Guards Foot Guards (BOUGHT @ +56) Arm Guards Looking to pay somewhere in the range on the...
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    Buying: Liakon (M) Harness, Thighs, Helm

    As the title says. Post here if you are selling. Not looking for high tier / looking to pay around avg Tier 0 price. Thanks! EDIT : BOUGHT thanks!
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    servers down?

    Down US East Coast (but you already knew that) and just when I was planning on getting a couple of ATHs :(
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    Positive feedback about VU10

    I agree with what everyone else has said. The night-time and dusk are absolutely beautiful. One problem I'm getting though is ugly blurriness if I try to turn on AA or turn off AF (anything above 2x Box AA and below 12x AF in vid card settings just gets blurry and slow...). Setting to...
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    CRYENGINE2/VU10: I've had enough.

    About the CND mining bit - claims getting stuck inside plants and on top of unreachable hills is a pretty big issue up there right now. I'd say most slopes greater than 30 degrees up there are unclimbable which (since there are quite a lot of steep hills and towers of earth up there for some...
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    ATH: Zed's ATH

    And this is why I'm poor. Gz though :yay:
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    ATH: Megan 195017!

    Gratz :yay::yay: ...but I hate you. All these ATHs have me like 8k ped down in the past two weeks :(
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    Troxie trio (in 5 minutes)

    Congratz m8 :yay: I love when that happens.
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    Endi Looted 100 X Btau From Warrior 03

    To be fair, back in the day when BTAU markup was around 15-20k% this would have made you somewhat rich :D
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    Uber: the secret of profiting

    Ha! Profiting for me is anything over 50% return. :laugh: Gratz to OP though :yay: